How to Work the Minimalist Industrial Look into Your Home

Homes come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. This article is concerned with the minimalist style – which doesn’t over-complicate the aesthetic, keeping things simple, elegant and refined. Further, the below tips help you explore one of the biggest emerging styles in 2019: the minimalist industrial look.

With stylistic influences from industrial landscapes and materials, this home interior style combines blissful simplicity with a touch of edge to make for a memorable and characterful home interior. Start building yours today with the options outlined below.

Concrete Flooring

Straight from the industrial complexes of your out-of-town factories, concrete flooring might seem like an odd addition to your home’s interior. It’s seen as cold, monochrome and characterless – something for heavy working boots, not homebound slippers. But you should think again; with polished and brushed concrete flooring options, you’ll discover exactly what’s meant by ‘industrial chic’ when it’s applied to your home.

Retro Light FittingsMinimalist-Industrial-Look-into-Your-Home

Another style element that fits both the minimalist and the industrial aesthetic values is the retro light fitting. Purchase bulbs that glow orange with thick, prominent coils that translate warm rays onto your monochrome walls and floors. These can be arranged in artful and creative ways in your home – hanging delicately from ceiling wires or arranged artistically upon one of your walls.


Antique-Effect Mirrors

Mirrors are famed in interior design circles for creating space in minimalist homes. Antique mirrors don’t so much serve this function – their mock-aged look adds to the industrial chic of your home. Antique mirror tiles add a touch of class to cupboards, wardrobes, kitchens or bathrooms, accommodating both practicality and aesthetic merit so that you’re squeezing the best of both out of your vertical surfaces.

Large Windows

If you’re in the market for the full minimalist effect, you’re going to want to look at maximizing your natural light. You can do this with fabulous, eye-catching and breathtaking floor to ceiling windows – a fine addition to a living room or bedroom. Adorn these with a classy set of blinds that conforms to your color palette to celebrate simplicity alongside practicality in your home’s windows.

Granite Surfaces

When considering the changes you can make to both your kitchen and your bathroom, you’ll not have to think further than granite as your material of choice. Available in an array of gritty colors that’ll spruce up your kitchen or bathroom with a glowing hue, these fit perfectly with the off-perfect design elements of the chic industrial aesthetic.

Exposed Fittings

Whether it’s pipes, a fuse box or other electrical wiring, exposed fittings – deliberately left open to the eye – are a bold statement of industrial minimalism. It’s a hard look to nail, as you’ll want to avoid a lazy, unplanned look. Exposing too many wires is also a little dangerous, as well as a little too scruffy to be called minimalist. But an exposed stainless steel pipe underneath a sink, or snaking around the side of your bath, can add an extra layer to the industrial romance in your home.

For anyone ambitiously venturing into the industrial minimalist style of home interior design, look no further than the tips arranged above that’ll get you started in nailing this fashionable new look.