Ideas for Your School/College Reunion

San Diego School Reunions

San Diego School Reunions

For some people, the best days of their lives were during their time at school or college. Maybe you were part of a team, fraternity or sorority and you still treasure all of your great memories. If you want to re-live your younger days, or simply wish to catch up with the rest of the gang, here are some ideas for getting everyone back together for a reunion.

A trip to Las Vegas – It is a bit of a clichéd destination, but if you really want to relive the wild antics of your past then this could be a great idea. However, make sure you don’t make the same mistakes as the characters in Hangover – it’s painful to laser off a face tattoo. It is one thing having a fun weekend away with your friends, and it is another to leave your life in ruins for the sake of a wild weekend. 

Remember you are much older now and your body can’t take the same amount of alcohol as it once could. However, that does not mean Las Vegas has nothing to offer, as you could gamble, catch a show, or visit the numerous bars. You never know, you could end up bring out that once-infamous party trick.

Buy Commemorative Jewelry – If you never got round to buying those class/team rings, then you could make up for it now. Take a look at for some great ring options, or if you are celebrating 25 years of friendship, etc. you could buy watches or bracelets with engravings. Not everybody had the money to splash out on jewelry when a student, so now the majority of you will probably have full-time, salaried jobs, you can afford these little treasures that also serve as reminders of your past.

Go Back to the School/College – Get in touch with someone at your old school and see if you can hold a gathering on the premises. As alumni, you may have some great advice to administer to the younger generation. Send an email to the principal (who may remember you), and your old classmates who may be interested. Hold a reunion that can be informative as well as fun.

Get hold of the old photos – Get prepared before the event and ask everyone to provide some old photos. Everyone will have different pictures and memories, so get them all printed off so that everyone can reminisce about the good old days. There will be teachers that have been forgotten, hairstyles that you can laugh about and clothes that may make you cringe. However, it will all be in the name of fun!

Reunions are a great way to catch up with old friends and teachers. If nobody has arranged one for your class reunions and there isn’t one on the horizon, then set up a group on Facebook to find out if anyone is interested. You might be able to get back in touch with old friends that have drifted out of your busy life and reignite friendships through memories.

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