Improve your Golf Swing Significantly

ROB-OT Golf Machine Promises Results

The ROB-OT BMS1000 in all its glory

Photos by JK Hall


What do you get when you cross two human geniuses with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and mechanical parts? ROB-OT BMS1000, that’s what. Gene Parente and Sean Dynes have created a unique and compelling robot for golfers unlike any in the golf world today—a machine designed and born from equal parts inspiration, perspiration, science (specifically, physics) and the natural excitement of play. The purpose? To offer golfers an opportunity to improve their game—significant yardage gain, better control, enhanced accuracy, a consistent swing and appropriate velocity and power that can perfect what a golfer is capable of achieving.


From two world-class companies—Golf Laboratories and Dynes Unlimited—capitalizing on robotic analytic machines originally in the lab and more recently in the field, Mechanical Engineer, Sean Dynes and Golf Testing Guru, Gene Parente, teamed up to create the ROB-OT series. Combined, they provide both stationary club testing benefits and now mobile robotics that offer personalized data and optimization for the individual golfer’s swing optimization. For nearly a quarter of a century, they have upgraded and refined sophisticated technological tools that incorporate AI, delivering space age analytics to qualify and quantify golf performance. This latest version, the BMS1000, provides a golfer with personal swing information, providing a quantum leap for anyone serious about improving their game. That data-driven quantifiable leap provides details such as best club to use, swing weakness and strength, acceleration, force, rotation, vertical and horizontal launch angle, peak trajectory, impact analysis, shot shape, total distance and dispersion, etc. All this and more provides the data to improve anyone’s golf game in 20 to 30 minutes, taking them from say, 40 percent to 70 percent or more of actual personal swing capacity. All of this, in combination with professional golf instruction to shepherd the practical on-the-field consistent application through the analytics provided, can optimize anyone’s golf game to better meet their unique potential.



Parente and Dynes’ laboratory testing robots are used worldwide by all the big boys in the golf club manufacturing world—companies such as Callaway, Titleist, TaylorMade, Cobra, and Sumitomo, Dunlop—all to improve their club products. Parente had previously created a name for himself through his testing company’s spring action equipment at Golf Laboratories, founded in 1990. But his machine had limits.

In the meantime, Dynes had launched DU Products in 1991 after a foray in parts design and manufacturing in the race car world. Upon meeting Parente, the two inspired one another and Dynes migrated to golf robotics. Together, their combined skills catapulted their efforts to a whole new level, invigorated by their unique intellectual chemistry. Growing up with a golf-pro father, Parente was naturally steeped in the love of the game. For his part, Dynes learned about mechanics, in part, from a father in the car business. Passionate about how things worked, Dynes used his quick mind and inventive muscle—the love of his game—inherently understanding all things mechanical. He furthered it with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, creating and polishing prototype development, design, engineering and manufacturing golf robots. By incorporating AI in the mix, the two men combined have created nothing short of a golf testing dynasty, with Dynes building over 40 robots by hand. “I love building them,” he says, excitedly, and continues to do so to this day.



It almost seems human, the BMS1000 performs so insightfully. It’s all in the algorithms, and yet the interface between the data it provides the golfer generates the ability to offer sophisticated individual improvement potential. With prowess in the programming, the robot can mimic or duplicate a golfer’s “swing fingerprint.” It can then determine several factors on how to improve performance based on what an individual golfer’s goals are. At its most basic, the robot can not only match best clubs for a particular golfer, but just as importantly it offers data on their all-important swing fingerprint with its critical components identified. “When you come to us, you’re getting the latest technology,” says Parente, adding that they can test for the best equipment to use such as shaft length that will optimize the greatest yardage. What’s more, the robot can analyze actual performance and the gap, the potential in a golfer’s swing fingerprint that can maximize precision and power not obvious to the human eye or perception. This seemingly simple swing duplication function actually has huge payoff. How? It essentially copies and then demonstrates what your swing looks like, so you can see yourself through the
robot’s mimicked performance, whether it’s putting, distance, accuracy, and more. It provides data on force and speed, among other factors, such as location of club-to-ball contact and trajectory. No other teaching tool, mechanical or human, provides such detailed information to an individual golfer.


As a golfer, when you witness your swing through the robot’s demonstration, you are impacted more powerfully than having a coach tell you how you swing. The process of observation stimulates a more profound understanding, based in part on the Heisenberg Principle. You get it as a kind of ‘a-ha’ reaction; your understanding shifts. What’s more, the BMS1000 then provides analytics that suggest how your swing can be improved upon and become more consistent by showing you how to change it within the
limits you have. Whether your goal is to increase yardage, to boost accuracy, or to hit the ball at a more optimal spot for control, any golfer can improve their game through this process. The robot does not replace the coach or golf instructor either; rather, it enhances the whole improvement process. As PGA Tour Instructor Dean Reinmuth says, the machine suggests the best technique to use in your goal areas. The coach then helps you develop swing consistency through practicing these techniques. Through practice, the feeling becomes normalized. Reinmuth goes on to clarify that your specific swing fingerprint can be improved upon by two things: first, by identifying individual characteristics that work best for you, and second, by developing these characteristics for greater consistency. The result? Golfers can add double-digit yardage, increased accuracy, control, and more. Ultimately, the combination of ROB-OT BMS1000 analytics and an instructor taking that personalized data can incorporate it in a performance plan to help improve any golfer’s game. It’s a paradigm shift in the golf world, one that no other golf robotics system has. While the human instructor can help improve ‘you’, he/she can’t quantify the details or data. The BMS1000 can. Plus, in combination with optimal club fitting capacity the machine possesses, the fusion of data analytics and coaching that takes it to the next level, the golfer maximizes all around.



As observing the BMS1000 is to the individual golfer that catalyzes the learning experience, so too is the group event to the crowds’ impactful understanding. Corporate events for diverse companies create not just excitement but also offer a great learning opportunity for attendees. For the past five years, ROB-OT iterations have been demonstrating the benefits of robot analytics at special events and clinics alike. In Japan they demonstrated a “robot versus human” golf match and the crowd loved it. “It’s hard to get the message across by just the telling,” says Dynes. Yet with Parente demonstrating the machine’s capability, “they get it; it’s so cool,” he adds. It’s flat out fun!
Companies and entities such as TaylorMade, PGA Demo Day, Redbull’s Skills Challenge and Pro AM, Thunderbirds ROB-OT Hole in One event, PGA Junior League for Kids, Bluewater’s “How it Works” with Dean Reinmuth, and more have enjoyed the Star of the Show demonstrations of how ROB-OT can improve a golf game.

As the old adage goes, “seeing is believing” and having a visual demonstration on a golf course provides an energizing experience while providing a fun activity, resulting in the perfect blend of science, sports and entertainment. Finally, ROB-OT BMS1000 is proud to participate with America’s Warrior Partnership, providing demonstrations to our veterans, optimizing their skills that consider individual limits of movement potential. From events at a golf club in La Quinta as well as Fairbanks Ranch Golf Course, Fairbanks Ranch, California, providing this sophisticated technology to those who have served our country offers previously unavailable tools to America’s finest. Altogether, corporate, charity and clinic events have showcased how kids and adults alike can improve their golf game. It can even inspire kids to consider more than just golf as a game but possibly even a profession; the technology of it all. To learn more about how you can be a better golfer with the ROB-OT BMS1000, or to inquire about booking it for your next event, please visit today.