Incredibly Flattering Undercut Hair Ideas to Ask from Your Stylist

Incredibly Flattering Undercut Hair Ideas to Ask from Your Stylist

Undercut styles are usually associated with men but do you know they appear flattering and gorgeous in women as well? Many women who have tried undercuts never regret their decisions. This beautiful haircut gives you a unique look despite how you create it.

There are a variety of methods you can choose to style your undercut hair. Some are more straightforward than the others while others are ridiculously outrageous. Whatever the method you choose, the outcome is undoubtedly flattering, and you will be sure to turn several heads wherever you go. Take a peek here.

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  1. Mohawk.

The mohawk is undoubtedly one of the fascinating undercut hair styles for ladies in 2019. People will not expect a lady to rock a haircut like this, so it is a sure way to turn heads down and leave them wondering how the heck it was possible for a lady to rock such as boyish look. There are different ways you can style a mohawk. It all depends on the number of hours you want to sit in a salon.

  1. Spikes and Asymmetrical Bangs.

Spikes and an undercut hair complement each other so perfectly. The extended asymmetrical bangs are best when it comes to outlining the special features while still leaving some lengths to style. You can opt for swoopy bangs and side-swept if you want.

  1. Creative Curls.

If you have decided to go for a cut of part of your hair, it implies there are other ways you can opt for to style the other part. If you have naturally curly hair, don’t interfere with it in the front, and make an undercut at the nape of your head. You can include highlights and braids to make the undercut more pronounced.

  1. Subtle Undercut.

This kind of undercut hair style is most common nowadays. One significant thing about this look is that you can hide the shaped section with your locks. This is important because sometimes you may not be willing to show off the shaved part. This undercut allows you to rock two varying styles at once. Isn’t that sweet?

  1. Disguised Geometrical Undercut.

This is yet another variation of the subtle undercut. However, this one doesn't need any drastic modifications. Tell your stylist to shave a small section of your hair at the nape of your head and allow the rest of the locks to fall to show off the geometric shave. It is undoubtedly a neat haircut worth trying.

  1. Side Swept Undercut.

We have seen so many undercut hair styles out there, but this one has a special place in the hearts of many women. It is one of the most worn haircuts by women. The hairstyle appears more like a pixie haircut than an undercut. However, what differentiates it from a pixie cut is how short the hair at the back is cut. So, if you don’t want to rock an outright undercut, this could be a safe haircut to start with. Maybe, you will get more courage to try more outrageous haircuts later.

  1. Creative Undercut and Blunt Bangs.

Make your undercut hairstyle appear unique and special by making it look as if there is nothing about undercut at all. Sounds funny? No, it isn't. Shave the manes at the back and leave the top hair and add bangs. This look is low maintenance and always looks on point without any styling efforts.

  1. Long and Braided.

Apart from subtle undercut hair looks, you can be more experimental and try something longer. Shave the hair on the sides as if you are styling a Mohawk, but maintain the unshaved region long enough to style creative braids. The braids outline the undercut and make it even more admirable.

  1. Platinum Blond.

If you think styling an undercut hair is not sufficient for you, you can go further and choose a shade that you love. Platinum hue is especially great when used with an undercut and gives you an amazing look.