Interior Home Design with Cathy Hobbs

Home design with Cathy Hobbs

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In the world of design, it’s often said that you either have it or you don’t: the eye.  That j’ne sais quo that sets apart the haves and the have-nots.  A skill set not attainable in a book, a lecture hall or even by perusing countless pins on Pinterest.  But what if you do have it?  What if you love the design, devour shelter magazines, and find perusing Pinterest never gets old.  What if you’re the type who can spot a good find in a flea market, know how to piece together genres to blend a cohesive style that’s all your own, but somehow find that still, your designs fall flat.  They never seem quite finished; they lack polish.  Certainly, your design eye is begging for the debutante treatment and a home staging course is a cotillion for which your eye has been waiting. 


The farce of the model home can haunt you.  You may walk into a model home and feel as if you’ve found your little slice of heaven on earth.  It may seem like the home was built just for you, but when you get home, no amount of rearranging or couch upgrades can get you back to the peace you felt when cruising through a brand new model home.  Indeed, ‘Model Home Envy’ is real, and it’s something that has been picked up on by realtors tenfold.  Home staging has become essential to the sale of a home—brand new or otherwise.  But home staging isn’t just confined to the “For Sale” set.  What if you could live in your own tiny slice of heaven after all?  And what if the know-how was just a weekend away?    


Brace yourself: Cathy Hobbs of HGTV’s Design Star fame is bringing her love of home staging to the novice.  Having served as Oprah’s interior design expert on Oprah’s The Life You Want tour, Hobbs is kicking off a tour of her own.  She has partnered with the Certified Staging Professionals certification program to offer three-day courses in home staging in five U.S. cities this fall.  Channeling Oprah’s model of fulfilling your potential, Hobbs sets out to teach anyone with a love of design how to translate a space into a home.  Hobbs recently launched her Ten Under Ten method, a full-concept marketing, staging, and promotion program to have any home market and sales ready in under 10 days.  For a realtor or aspiring designer, Hobbs’ weekend course is a no-brainer.  But for those of us who have a penchant for design and the ever elusive shelter-mag-ready home of our dreams quietly out of reach, Hobbs can help us reach our fullest potential as well.  Cathy Hobbs makes the last stop of her U.S. tour in San Diego December 8-10, 2017. or contact 1-888-STAGING.