Interview with Adorations Botanical Artistry

Floral Designs and Bouquets Made for Your Wedding

Adorations Botanical Artistry

While the venue and photography are still the biggest areas for wedding spending, there’s a surprising increase in the cost of wedding florals. From expressing personal style to unforgettable statement structures, florals are taking root in weddings. FINE Magazine spoke with LaVonne Crawford of Adorations Botanical Artistry about the dos and don’ts of floral arrangements.

How do you choose the flowers that are included in a floral design?
I would say season, color and the personality of the client are probably the top items—and price, of course. I do communicate with [clients] during the meeting about the premium flowers and their substitutions. Garden roses are a great substitute for peonies, and garden roses are available in California year-round. Peonies have a season from Mother’s Day through the end of June... Fortunately, being in California, you can get your dream flowers more often than not, but you do pay a higher price.

Adorations Botanical Artistry

Are there any types of flowers that are the best for weddings?
I think peonies and garden roses really speak to brides currently. Garden roses in the last five years have really gained momentum and popularity. Orchids are always popular for a more modern bride. It depends on the client, too.

Is there anything to avoid?
No, I don’t think so. Everything is on a case by case basis. Something we would avoid [or find] overused could be a bride’s dream. She might have dreamt of baby’s breath clouds floating above her guests’ heads her whole life, and maybe we’ve done that 30 times this year, but it doesn’t matter. It’s her dream.

What’s your favorite floral trend right now?
I personally love greenery. I know that right now, it’s really abundant. The Pantone color of the year is green, so I have a lot of brides who love garlands, mixed greenery garlands and more greenery than I’ve ever seen... I love that things are feeling more natural and organic. As a designer always trying to meet the needs of the client, there is a bit of compromise that you make for your own personal tastes. But what’s happening now happens to be in alignment with my own tastes, so I’m really happy about that.

Adorations Botanical Artistry

What’s one thing brides should splurge on and one thing brides can skip when it comes to floral design?
[A bride] should splurge on her bouquet and her sweetheart or head table— whatever area she’s going to be standing in, because that’s going to be in all the photos. Arches or anything [for the] ceremony where they’re exchanging the vows that is going to ensconce them in florals is a nice investment. As far as skipping? Cocktail hour. Candlelight is enough.

What should brides look for when picking out their flowers, especially if they have no idea what to expect?
When [a client comes] to us, we want them to be an open book. For me, it’s my job to draw out who [a client] is so I can send them in the right direction. For general advice, [a bride should] definitely have a picture of her wedding dress—that will be a big indicator of what she’s attracted to in style! 

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