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Increase Clean Energy Protects the Planet with Their Energy-Efficient Tips and Tricks

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Looking to make your home more energy efficient? Look no further than Increase Clean Energy! The company specializes in making vital changes to a home's interior and exterior that will help it become more energy efficient. Not only will this lower your monthly energy bill, but living in an energy efficient home will simultaneously add value to your property and help protect the environment for future generations. What's not to love?

Increase Clean Energy was an official bronze sponsor of our 5th annual Spring Xposure event! Now, we had a chance to speak with Derek Patterson of Increase Clean Energy. We asked Patterson about Increase Clean Energy's mission, history, and future plans in our one-on-one interview down below. 

Tell me about Increase Clean Energy. When and how did it begin?

Increase Clean Energy began back in 2013 as an Energy Specialist training team for multiple contractors throughout southern California. At one point, Increase Clean Energy trained and sold for 9 different contractors at the same time. Then we learned quickly what to do and what not to do when running a contracting business, so we created our own [business] and applied all of the skills we had learned from the great contractors we trained from and sold for.

How did you get involved in the clean energy industry? 

Due to my mortgage and lending background, I was asked from a good friend who was a contractor in Orange County to come train on a new financing program called PACE for the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Industry that started in [the] end of 2012. I realized quickly this was an amazing opportunity to help people and the environment at the same time. The rest is history.

What services does Increase Clean Energy offer?

Increase Clean Energy offers energy-efficient upgrades for residential and commercial properties such as Solar, Roofing, Windows and Doors, Attic and Wall Insulation, HVAC, Exterior Lifetime Coating, and Artificial Turf. We are not the jack of all trades, but we are excellent at these 8 upgrades that have the greatest impact on saving money for homeowners and business owners.

Why should people care about using clean energy? 

All homeowners and business owners should care and choose "clean energy" because of the positive impact it has on our environment, and for these three reasons: 1) clean energy reduces their monthly utilities cost; 2) clean energy upgrades make the home or business area more comfortable; 3) clean energy increases the value to the property and, like our slogan states, clean energy [creates] "Your Sustainable Future" - we all need to do our part for future generations. 

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Why are you passionate about clean energy?

I am extremely passionate about our business "Increase Clean Energy" and what we do for homeowners and business owners alike because I see the big picture, the massive impact we can have on people's lives now and in the sustainable future.

Solar energy is a very popular discussion topic at the moment. Why is using solar energy important?

Solar energy is not just important, it's vital! We have enough sun to power the needs of all [people], and the environmental impact will sustain us for generations to come if we use solar power properly. 

You were recently a bronze sponsor at our Spring Xposure charity fashion show! What was the experience like for you? 

I was our experience at the FINE magazine Spring Xposure event that it was a fantastic event. We made many contacts as clients and potential business associates, and we love giving back. We love being able to spread the good news of what we do for to "Increase of Clean Energy!" 

We are avid supporters of our community and [attend] multiple events all throughout southern California. We are at almost every San Diego County event this spring, summer, and fall, and we are making a huge positive impact on one of our major charities near and dear to our hearts called Ray's Angels.

What can we expect from Increase Clean Energy in the future?

Everyone can expect to see us everywhere! We look forward to growing as a positive impact company as we create jobs and create a more sustainable future for all.

Is there anything else you want to share?

We at Increase Clean Energy want to say thank you to the community and thank you to all of our affiliates that make us a great, fast-growing impactful company that will change the lives of everyone we touch. We are looking forward to becoming the go-to energy solution for all the members of the FINE community and their networks. Please like us on Facebook at Increase Clean Energy!