Interview with Italian Jewelry Designer Marco Bicego

Marco Bicego Gold Necklace

One-on-one with Marco Bicego: The Italian jewelry designer known for his handcrafted designs and collections of everyday luxury discusses his inspired talent in an exclusive interview with FINE Magazine San Diego. 

Driven by passion and pure imagination, Marco Bicego — an Italian jewelry designer for the fashion houses of Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue (among others) — is defined by everyday luxury.

With an ever-charming Italian accent and tenacious spirit, it is suiting that the designer hails from Veneto, near Venice: one of the country’s richest regions in regards to historical, natural, artistic, culture, musical, and culinary heritages. And in honoring this legacy, Bicego stresses one main point: his designs, while inspired by nature and emotion, are 100-percent handcrafted in Italy — capturing simple, unique, artesian qualities that are oftentimes overlooked in jewelry design.

 “It’s about culture, and spirit. Creating something new,” notes Bicego regarding his philosophy on jewelry design. “I want to create everyday pieces — for both day and evening wear. When you wake up in the morning, you choose your attire and jewelry based on how you feel; there is an emotional connection, [an opportunity] to interpret [a piece of jewelry] your own way.”

 Blending urban-ethic motifs in his latest collection, Bicego continues to forge his signature design with colored stones and yellow gold. And with this collection, he welcomes his clientele on a world tour, debuting designs reflecting the culture of exotic destinations, including India, Africa, Morocco, and even Paradise.

Marco Bicego interview fine magazine

“It’s about crafting pieces for life, designs that are timeless,” he adds. “I am attracted to natural designs in nature, [honing] a unique quality. I am inspired by [everyday] life; I really love the nature — finding one-of-a-kind, unique shapes. I’m thinking of fishing, picking mushrooms under the trees early in the morning — it’s very organic.”

In a recent interview with FINE, Bicego opened up about his craft and latest collection designs.
Q: What inspired a career in jewelry design?
Marco Bicego: You never know what the future holds. My family’s business was very familiar, but I didn’t think jewelry design would be my future. In Italy, [life] is about family [and it was my greatest influence]; things you can touch, feel, and experience in the environment. My father was a goldsmith; but I wanted [to take] a new direction — to produce and design something exciting and to show its value.

Q: What do you most enjoy about jewelry design?
Bicego: For me, [design has brought my life] full circle. I believe in my collections, as they truly come from the heart. It’s a very personal thing, design is. And I am honored to share this [legacy] with my family; my father and my three children as well. I actually never studied jewelry design, it just came internally. So it’s part of me, creating style and expression.
Q: What inspires your designs?
Bicego: I love colored stones, and multi-colored stones and mixing them; [along with] the ability to [place] them with yellow gold. For a women, any clothing you have, color works; it’s comfortable and for every day,  it’s emotionally driven.
Design is about evolution, taking into account colors, shapes, and the crafting process itself. I am inspired by organic designs - allowing it to have breathe and generate an emotional response. I think, as a designer, I am always pushing, always evolving, and growing. I create pieces of style, pieces of design, that are modern and unique. It’s [very] satisfying, and really connects to the human experience.

Q: For you, what is good design?
Becigo: For me, good design is simple, high quality. I must say, it’s important [to note] that my jewelry is handcrafted in Italy, 100 percent. We have 75 employees and everything in done internally. I love modern pieces [inspired by architecture and history], things that are timeless; I try to interpret this. [Good] design is modern, unique, artesian. You can buy and wear for 10 years. [Simply stated], it’s a great investment.
Q: Tell us about your newest collection.
Bicego: You will see more sapphires, and diamonds with the yellow gold. A mixture of colored stones, and handcrafted technique within each shape. It’s very high end. I will say that all my collections have connection, there is a bridge between all of them, between the first and the last; it is color for sure, a timeless design, elements of how it is created. It’s recognizable. And it’s expressive.”