Introducing the Wolf Wrap

A New Compact Travel Solution for Timepieces

WOLF Wrap by Attila Aszodi

Well-known strap designer and maker Attila Aszodi has joined forces with WOLF, to produce a new and innovative product, the WOLF Wrap. Attila, a whole-hearted watch collector, has been developing hand-made products out of Los Angeles for years and is now giving you a timeless and unique way to transport your watches safely.

“The challenge we had was to create the most compact way of traveling & storing timepieces while protecting both the case back and crystal. Attila’s great sense of design & engineering solved that problem with the WOLF Wrap,” said Simon Wolf, CEO/ President.

The WOLF Wrap’s unique design gives you an efficient way to travel with your timepieces without the historical added bulk. Kept within a compact pouch, the WOLF Wrap also gives the bracelet back additional protection for when the watch is not in use.  

WOLF, the 182 year old British luxury leather goods company has been designing and hand-making jewelry cases, travel accessories, watch storage and maintenance solutions for over 180 years, family led by the 5th generation. With world headquarters in Los Angeles, WOLF has become the only watch winder and jewelry box company to consistently innovate and re-invent.

For more information on WOLF please call +1 310 473 0012 or visit the company’s web site Further details and inquires may also be directed to Julie Hoepker.

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