Is a Slate Roof the Best Roof for Your Home?

Slate roofing has been used for centuries and it has long been the first choice for builders when they are constructing a new home. In recent decades, however, we have seen a far wider variety of materials which are preferred for roofing, each with its own quirks, advantages, and drawbacks. Despite this, however, when it comes to slate roofing Sydney offers a huge range of buying options and professionals who install these slates, and this material is still as popular here as it has ever been.


If you are considering upgrading the roofing on your home or choosing a roofing material for a new build, then you will no doubt have considered whether or not slate roofing is the best choice. Let’s take a look then at the pros and cons of this roofing material, to help you understand whether or not this is the right choice for you. 


The Benefits of Installing a Slate Roof On Your Home


Let’s get started with some of the benefits which you can count on when you install a slate roof on your home. 




One of the reasons why churches, cathedrals and regal buildings have slate roofing is because of the beautiful appearance which it creates. The rich depth of colors and coarse texture of a slate roof is eye catching and over time that appearance becomes unique from building to building as the tiles become weathered. 




Estimates of how long a slate roof can last are between 75 and 150 years, which means that a slate roof is very much for life. If we compare that to something like asphalt roofing which lasts for around 20-30 years, we can see just why so many people prefer a solid slate roof when it comes to its lifespan. 


Fire Resistance 


Health and safety should always be a consideration when choosing materials for a property, which is why many opt for slate as this roofing is the most fire-resistant roofing material that you can find. 


Disadvantages of Slate Roofing 


There are of course downsides to everything and here are some of the drawbacks of slate roofing. 




Slate roofing is more expensive than other materials that you may be considering and it is over 4 times more expensive than asphalt. Naturally, you are getting a more durable and long-lasting roof when you opt for slate, which is why there are extra costs involved. 




The lifespan of a slate room doesn’t include the chips, cracks and breakages which can happen and the fragility of the roof tile will mean that you occasionally have to carry out repairs and replacements. 




Slate tiles are heavier than other materials and a slate roof could weigh anywhere between 700-1500 lbs per square meter. If we compare that to asphalt which is 200-300 lbs per square meter, you can get an idea of just how heavy it is. This is why you will need to install additional roof support when you choose slate tiles. 


My final word on this is that generally slate roofing is far less common than it was in the past and that means that there are fewer people available to install it. The importance of having this job done perfectly is huge and so if you do decide on a slate roof, you must ensure that you get the right professionals for the job.