Insect infestation signs You Should Watch Out For In Your Home

Nothing can become worse than an insect infestation at your own residence. In fact, it has been found by a national survey that over 80% of the property owners experienced these types of problems last year. Therefore, even though you did not face this issue in the past, it will be a sensible idea to check your residence to make sure that there is no infestation out there.


There are many types of indications for such insect infestations and we have mentioned several in the following paragraphs.

1. Nests

Nests are amongst the most obvious indications of a bug problem. These nests, like the pests, can be diverse in nature. You’ll find numerous stinging bugs in a typical wasp nest. Their nests can be located anywhere in your residence from trash cans to sheds and even at various locations on the roof. It is simple to identify them and chances are they’re large enough to make it easy to spot these nests. These nests will develop in size over time and it is imperative to catch them early on. One easy solution for finding these nests will be to keep an eye out for the insects and watch where they’re flying to. Nests can also be built by other insects apart from wasps.

2. Trails

In case you are suspicious that there are cockroaches in your house, look out for them at night. In fact, when you switch on the lights they will disappear instantly. Therefore, it is imperative for you to have a quick eye which will enable you to locate where they are going to hide in your house. If it is not possible to find out their hiding place, it will be a sensible idea to look out for trails. Roaches have a tendency to leave dirty trails along with feces to many locations where they like to hide. It might be surprising to hear that these insects prefer hiding in many kitchen appliances including coffee makers and microwaves. Also, another favorite spot will be the gaming consoles.

3. Property damage

Insects can also cause damage to the property within your residence. For example, termites can lead to significant structural damage in case you do not catch them in time. They can cause mud tubes, wood piles, and also sagging structure in the long run. Your closet can also be their favorite roaming area. Any hole in your garments can be caused by an infestation by moths. Therefore, it will be prudent to look out for signs of termites in your residence before it is too late. Blisters in the wood flooring, drywood termite droppings, damaged or hollowed piece of wood and so on can be the indications of a termite infestation.

4. Bite marks

Insects might bite you thus leaving marks and also spreading various ailments. The bedbug is a huge culprit in this respect. These tiny creatures will leave red marks on you that can have a burning sensation or itchy feeling. If you find these insects munching on you, do not waste your time and address the issue immediately. These bed bugs can cause lots of health problems and therefore, it will be advisable to take precaution at the earliest.

5. Ant lines

Ants have a tendency to travel together in lines. Therefore, try to look out for any “weak” spot outdoors which might have an ant issue. These will consist of windows, doorways, AC units, and any other location where ants might wiggle their way into your property. Also look out for ant hills which can sprout up in the driveway or pavement cracks.

6. Smells

It is not uncommon for the pests to produce different types of smells, and most of these are not pleasant. Many insects including beetles, ants, and so on are known for doing this type of mischief in your house. The reason for this is that they sometimes carry off food items along with them to a secluded location and do not finish their meal on most occasions. As a result, the food starts decomposing and thus emits a foul smell in the long run. Whenever you get these types of filthy odor in your house, look out for any insect infestation out there.

7. Noise

Although most of these insects tend to be quiet, they are not silent after all. The best way to hear these bugs will be to listen carefully at night when they happen to the most active. Putting your ear against the walls will enable you to catch movements within the wall cavities where these insects tend to hide the most. You may also try to listen to the ceiling particularly the attic which serves as the crawling space for these mischievous creatures. A faint sound should be enough for you to be sure of their presence inside your residence. Thus, in case you get up from your slumber in the middle of the night due to any scratching sound inside the walls, do not be surprised and think it to be a nightmare. The key here will be to remain vigilant. Remember that the intense the noise, the more expensive the repairs will be.

8. Damaged plantation

Damaged plants like uneven grass lengths, dead patches, and so forth can also indicate the presence of bugs in your home. Gnawing on the outdoor garden plantation or edges of the grass blades will confirm their existence out there. These types of damages can be caused by insects such as grubs, beetles, flies, crickets, cockroaches, and other bugs.



There are several more indications for insect infestation in your house which we have not mentioned in this post. If you find your house infested by insects, make it a point to contact a reliable pest control company in your area that can help you eliminate these offenders once and for all. However, do not forget to make research prior to employing these companies and, you can ask your buddies and other known individuals that have used their services in the past. You can likewise go online and look at the reviews posted by the users as well.