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Motwani LASIK Institute

Founded by LASIK surgeon Dr. Motwani

Dr Motwani LASIK eye surgeon
[Dr. Manoj Motwani]

Treating thousands of patients by helping them regain their vision through LASIK vision correction, Dr. Manoj Motwani, has been performing laser vision correction in San Diego since 1999. Building one of the best known laser eye surgery practices over the last 14 years, the doctor’s professional reviews are outstanding and a large percentage of his practice, according to Dr. Motwani revolve around referrals. ‘Referrals have proven to be our best source simply because people who are looking for something as important as having their eyes corrected ask friends and family where they had the best experience’, he says. Dr. Motwani understands the anxiety and fear associated with LASIK surgery. ‘After all’, he says, ‘it’s their eyes, and they need to have a lot of trust and confidence in the surgeon who is performing the procedure and the laser.’

‘As a surgeon’, he says, you’re always on the lookout for what’s best for your patients and your practice. However, with all the gimmicks and competing claims out there, it can be hard to get to the truth.’

Dr. Motwani’s center is in UTC-La Jolla, and visitors remark not only on the warmth and beauty of the office but also on the friendliness of the staff. “I feel strongly that a patient should not only be treated with warmth and care, but should also have the opportunity to learn as much as they want about this procedure.  My center is an expression of my personal philosophy.”

Having used many of the lasers and refractive equipment in the United States over the past decade and a half, Dr. Motwani has chosen everything he uses carefully.  One of the lasers at his center is the Alcon Wavelight Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 400 system, which is widely considered to be one the best available.  “The Allegretto is one of the fastest and most accurate lasers we have in the world, and it really makes the procedure easier for the patient and the surgeon” says Dr. Motwani.  “What I do is select procedures for each patient myself, based on what I believe they need, and what will work best for them.  I see myself not only as a healer and an educator, but as someone who has the opportunity to make each of my patient’s lives better and richer by giving them great vision and the ability to see better than they ever have before.”

His center usually advises patients to come in for a complimentary consult, and even patients who have been told they were not candidates before often can be treated now.  “There is a lot of misinformation out there about LASIK, and I feel my job is to cut through the confusion and help people to understand what’s possible for them.  Hyperopia, Astigmatism, Myopia, and even the need for reading glasses can be helped, and with the new devices we have it’s often easier than ever for the patient.”

Dr. Motwani also recognizes the need for affordability in these Great Recession times. “I’m not the least expensive, but I make sure I’m not the most expensive.  I want everyone to be able to afford the wonderful gift of vision” he says, and his center offers interest free financing to go along with complimentary consults.

Motwani LASIK Institute - LASIK Eye Surgery 
4520 Executive Drive #230
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 554-0008

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