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Encinitas Dental Boutique

Founded by Dr. Carlos Sibaja D.D.S.

Dr Carlos Sibaja DDS Encinitas Denist
[Dr. Carlos Sibaja D.D.S. - Courtesy of ArtCam Photography by Richard Nesdale]

Your mouth is the gateway to your health. At Encinitas Dental Boutique, they practice “Metal Free” dentistry and believe root canals produce more harm than good.

Most people have had a root canal and were never aware or informed of the dangers and side effects of having the procedure done. When a root canal is performed, the tooth is not entirely disinfected, which means there is a colony of bacteria left in the tooth. This colony continues to grow and attacks the body in different ways. Auto Immune disorders, arthritis, heart disease, stroke and even certain types of cancers can be a result of these bacterias that attack the body.      

Building a foundation of trust with patients is vital to having a successful practice. From the first encounter with his patients, Dr. Carlos  Sibaja is upfront and honest with what he believes will be the best treatment plan.

“Root canals are an area that I feel patients strongly need to be more education, especially before deciding to go forward with one,” says Dr. Sibaja, who believes Patients need to know what the disadvantages are to this procedure and what the safe alternatives are. “It’s very bold for a dentist to  say they will not perform a root canal, not because they’re not skilled enough to do so, but because they do not believe they are safe for their patients,” Sibaja added.

Nine out of ten root canals that Encinitas Dental Boutique removes are infected.  This results in pockets of potentially harmful bacteria that are actually sealed into the tooth. This becomes a haven for bad germs. No other medical practice permits leaving dead or dieing parts inside your body, because it triggers your immune system to attack. Root canals should be no exception. The better alternative to a root canal is dental implants (Zirconium implants,) that are metal free. This procedure eliminates dangers to the immune system that a root canal can cause and gets the body back into proper homeostasis with an element that is more acceptable to the body.

Aside from alternative techniques in dentistry, Encinitas Dental Boutique provides guests with an altogether different kind of experience. There’s no waiting, patients receive one-on-one care from the dentist, and guests leave feeling both better informed about their oral health and personally satisfied from their experience with Dr. Sibaja and his professional staff.

List of Services

  • General and Preventative Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Veeners
  • Snap on Smile
  • Nutirional Counceling
  • TMJ Therapy/Migraine Therapy
  • Botox/Juvederm
  • Oclusal Adjustments

171 Calle Magdalena Ste. 102
Encinitas, CA 92024

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