Double JJ Ranch Review

Behind the scenes of the Double JJ Ranch in Michigan.

Double JJ Ranch

Entering Double JJ property is an experience all it’s own. The winding country road takes you out of civilization and into a place in time where horses ruled the streets and rodeos drew a crowd. As you drive into the hotel entrance, the hanging gas lamps and wagon wheel doors make you want to tip your hat and greet the folks you meet with a friendly “howdy.”

The Sarsaparilla Steak house offers a nice selection of fresh cuts to choose from. Served with fresh zucchini squash and garlic mashed potatoes, this meal is made to fill up the hungriest of cowboys. With an onsite Starbucks rightly named the “Pony Expresso” and covered wagon–style outdoor bar off the deck of the pro shop, you're sure to grab something to satisfy your thirst, not just for food and drink, but also for adventure and dramatic flair.

Every room is decorated with a western theme; unique horse shoe towel racks and buffalo hide lamp shades remind you at every turn that you're not in Michigan anymore. The log cabin rentals are quaint and very rustic, allowing for an entire family to share a cabin or an entire group of families to rent a village–style setting of cabins in the woods together.

This Arthur Hills designed course is very tricky. Not a single spot on the course gives you a flat lie. There are many spots where you have no visual of your next shot or approach, making this one of the hardest courses I have played to date. The greens are quick and the water shots are tricky and long. Be sure to bring extra balls when you visit this course.

If you are up for an equestrian adventure, take a stroll over to the back 40 for a trail ride or even a run with a group led by an amazing wrangler. With over 80 horses on this HUGE 1,800 acre ranch, you can truly get lost in time. The old town set up for stunt show and banquet style food service offers a retreat and can serve as a festival space for weekend fall celebrations and more. This property also hosts a large music festival in the summer called the “Electric Forest Festival,” drawing in crowds of over 60,000 music lovers. The “Gold Rush” indoor and outdoor water park will entertain young and old with amazing slides and fun for all. Indoor arcades and outdoor volleyball bring hours of fun to your fingertips. In the winter when the golf course closes, the resort offers an amazing downhill sledding run to bring fun in the off season.

With easy access from the highway and a location close to several large Michigan cities, this mid–Michigan destination is easy to get to and also worth the trip.