Mankind: San Diego’s Newest Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis ‘Joint’

One of the Newest Dispensaries in Town has Opened Their Doors


The new year brought a lot of new things, but perhaps one of the most exciting things that arrived was the legality of adult-use cannabis in California. Dispensaries all over the state have opened their doors to the public, and one of the newest and hottest dispensaries that has popped up on the map is the Mankind Cooperative Dispensary. Mankind had their opening debut on the first of the new year, and they opened in style— a party complete with photo booth to celebrate not only their opening, but the availability of adult-use cannabis in California.




There are many kind of licenses that a company or group can obtain in regards to cannabis, which include cultivation licenses, manufacturing licenses, distribution licenses, and dispensary licenses. There are a lot of requirements that must be met by all establishments trying to obtain a dispensary license, including a system of security to ensure only authorized people who are of age can enter, as well as keeping the products inside of the store in a secure place. Mankind originally opened in December of 2015 as a licensed dispensary, and now Mankind Directors are even more excited that they had the opportunity to re-open with the ability to sell with a temporary Adult-Use license as well. This temporary license holds the same rules and requirements that come with any other license, but is provisional and lasts for 120 days.  Marketing Director for Mankind, Cathy Bliss, has reiterated this excitement by stating that it “is ‘one giant leap for Mankind’ to now be able to offer both medical and adult use” cannabis.



Mankind Cooperative is designed to be an empowering and helpful dispensary, where patients are given access to any and all knowledge needed to ensure that they make the correct selections when making their decisions. Employees are equipped with full information to make sure that patients get exactly what they need, and each item is verified to let you know you are getting authentic products. Mankind offers a wide variety of menu items, including Indicas, Sativas, Hybrids, pre-rolls, extracts, and edibles, each in a range of flavors. Now, Mankind has made the experience even easier for patients by implementing an online order and pick-up option on their website: make selections online, then come in to Mankind on Miramar Road to pay and pick it up! Mankind Cooperative is an interactive and friendly experience that is far from uncomfortably silent dispensaries where everything is locked away with a key; Mankind steps away from the lock-and-key experience and brings a new experience where the customer is free to flip through all of the products to ensure that the patient is getting what they need.