JeNu Anti Aging Skin System Product Review

FINE magazine does their personal review on what they think about Jenu Active-Youth Skincare System as an anti-aging device.

What do we think about Jenu Bioscience as an anti-aging device?

We know most women are interested in the newest in anti-aging and although this isn't the latest on the market we thought we would give this a test drive. We love giving are FINE readers the inside scoop. 


The system itself is compact and easy to store. With all the products most women carry that is important.  The concept of ultrasound treatment in the privacy of your own home is another plus. Now we put the JeNu Pro Wand to the test. We started under the eyes, looking for what the makers say it should reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates leaving skin soft and supple, and minimizes the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tones. As the wand was placed on the face we slowly moved the wand back and forth in the safe zone under the eye. You can hear a light clicking sound giving you the feeling that it's working!  Each eye takes only about a minute quick and easy.

JeNu also carries a lip serum and using the same device with a different plasma the maker says you can have supple and naturally full looking lips. They also say it protects the moisture barrier for enhanced hydration, refines and smoothes the texture of a more defined lip shape.  JeNu_Lip_Serum

You might ask what is so great about the JeNu ultrasound wand and is it safe? Ultrasound has been used for years and the frenzy for the ultrasound face treatments are gaining in popularity. Ultrasound therapy uses a verity of frequency sound waves. For a more intense procedure they use a higher frequency and a lower frequency helps lighter skin problems. In essence, ultrasounds can help a variety of skin issues. Picking the correct Ultrasound therapy depends on the problem. JeNu uses a radio frequency meaning it is for light skin problems. Make sure you pick the correct treatment for the problem you are looking for that is really important.  

The makers state you should see results within 14 days. We use it for the 14 days and saw little results. Not that impressed. 

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