Cutting-Edge Smiles

Adriatic Dental offers the latest in dental technology.

Painful blade-and-suture dental surgery is so last season. Dr. Valentina Obradovic of Smiles by Valentina in La Jolla and Adriatic Dental in San Marcos offers the latest in laser therapy to treat gum disease quickly and effectively.

Not only does Dr. Obradovic offer the best in preventative and holistic care, it is equipped with the LANAP protocol, a FDA-cleared Laser Periodontitis Treatment that offers a less-painful and less-invasive alternative to conventional scalpel and suture-flap surgery.

Gum disease, including gingivitis and periodontitis, is a silent bacterial infection that often goes undetected or ignored until severe gum and bone destruction demand attention. In fact, 50 out of every 100 Americans have moderate-to-severe gum disease, but 40 of the 50 don’t even know it. And fewer than two of them will get treated before it’s too late.
Doctor Valentina Obradovic of smiles by valentina fine magazine july 2012
Dr. Obradovic is intent on ensuring this doesn’t happen to her patients.

“We want to help you be proactive in all areas of your oral health to keep your teeth and gums free of tooth decay and periodontal disease,” says Dr. Obradovic, who is one of the first dentists to offer this LANAP protocol technology in San Diego.

The magic of this procedure is in its simplicity. Instead of cutting away tissue, this procedure actually regenerates some of the bone and regrowth of the periodontal ligament, encouraging the body to heal itself naturally.

Patients enjoy several benefits of this breakthrough technology:

Less Pain: The LANAP protocol helps avoid cutting and stitching of the gums, leading to less post-operative discomfort in most cases.

Fewer Sessions: Procedure requires only one or two sessions with the dentist, with two follow-up visits—much less than conventional surgery.

Quicker Recovery: Patients can say goodbye to prolonged pain, swelling and diet restrictions. Most return to their regular activities immediately following the procedure, which generally requires less than a 24-hour recovery period.

Pat Walsh is just one of Dr. Obradovic’s patients who have benefited from this procedure.

“Your standard of excellence is evident in the way you match color when supplying a dental prosthesis, or using the new laser treatment to treat gum disease. Your preventative management has saved me several teeth that I may have lost going to a dentist who isn’t on the cutting edge of dentistry. Thank you for your standards of excellence!” says Walsh.

Adriatic Dental helps patients save their teeth, preserve their natural smiles and avoid the potentially life-threatening systemic effects of untreated gum disease. Now that’s what we call fashionable.