FINE magazine July 2012

It’s been 75 years since Bing Crosby greeted the first fan to pass through the gates at the Del Mar Races. Back then, the venue was a playground for Old Hollywood, a place to watch and be watched.

Today, the races are, just as their marketing touts—as “cool as ever.” The San Diego institution still attracts the region’s shakers and movers, drawn to the allure that accompanies speed and power. There’s something about the grace of the horses, the thrill of the race that brings us back every year. It’s a spirited event that captures the essence of who we are as a county. The races are San Diego.

In this issue, we celebrate our ties to “where the surf meets the turf ” by overviewing the races’ storied past and promising future. We talk to horse owners and introduce Tranquility Farm, an organization that takes in retired and injured thoroughbreds. And, of course, we bring you the latest in trend and Del Mar fashions.

Much has changed in the last 75 years, but much is the same. The Del Mar Races opened in spite of the Great Depression and saw its way through several ups and downs.
Similarly, today’s story shows the power of spirit in the face of adversity.

And the record crowds entering the gates on Opening Day show one thing: the spirit of San Diego remains the same.
Jeanette Calo

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