Rancho Santa Fe Luxury Homes

The real estate market in Rancho Santa Fe is one of the strongest in the country, due in no small part to the quality of the homes. This advice may help you in your search for a new place to start your life.

Shopping for Rancho Santa Fe Luxury Homes

When shopping for Rancho Santa Fe luxury homes, there are many factors to consider. 



Create a Financing Strategy.

Although it would be nice to be able to pay for a luxury upfront, most buyers use some kind of financing. As long as the terms you are offering are attractive and you come in with a large down payment, you can be as competitive as another buyer paying cash. However, you approach home buying, you want to have a plan in advanced.

The downpayment is a particularly tough subject for some first time buyers. Plan on paying as much as 30 percent of the purchase price. Aside from making your offer more attractive to the luxury homeowner, many lenders require higher down payment amounts on large loans.

Fine Magazine can also recommend some excellent mortgage brokers or lenders, if you need a reference.

Use a Real Estate Agent.

You want to find a buyer's agent who specializes in the kind of Rancho Santa Fe luxury home that you are seeking. A real estate agent who knows the area and the available inventory will keep you from overpaying for Rancho Santa Fe luxury homes. He or she will come with a network of contacts who may be able to help you uncover hidden gems at the best prices.

Take Your Time.

Depending on the size of the home, an inspection may take all day, or require a team of home inspectors. Then, factor in the additional time required for specialized inspections. Take your time. It’s important that you are comfortable with your purchase. There is nothing worse than over-paying for an unexpected "fixer upper."

Rancho Santa Fe luxury homes often have amenities that are lacking in homes in the lower price ranges. These amenities may require the services of specialized home inspectors. This is not only an expenditure of time but may have an additional cost.

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