July 2017

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Bradford Watch Company Announces New Collection That Effortlessly Blends Classic and Modern

Bradford Watch Company is on a mission to help you master your moment with a comfortable simplicity that encourages a spirit of style and adventure, all at a uniquely affordable price.

The Unsung Stars of Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con is a frenzy of excitement for the new shows and media, and it's also a chance for the greatest of enthusiasts to celebrate their fandoms.

3 Art Movements to Watch Out for in 2017

Although traditional, fine art is still critically acclaimed and highly-sort after in the art world, new means of creating and expressing art is continuing to pave its way in 2017

San Diego International Film Festival Last Film Screen 2017

Film lovers across San Diego attended the final Film Insider Screening presented by the San Diego International Film Festival (SDiFF) on July 18th at the Arc Light La Jolla.

How to Get Extra Cash for Your Vacation

Trying to decide whether you have enough spending money can be the complete opposite of everything a vacation can stand for.

Historic Del Mar-vels

Del Mar’s distant history is a fascinating patchwork of thieves, rats and canoodling celebrities.

SD Pride Parade 2017

Enjoy some of FINE Magazine's best photos from the parade, and be sure to give your LGBTQ friends and family a shout-out below.

"Wish Upon" Film Review

Sometimes, you get that rare film that throws a curveball. That is exactly what Wish Upon, now playing in theaters, does.

Tips on Decorating Your Spare Bedroom

If you want to transform that dull and uninspiring space into a welcoming abode, read on for some top tips on how to decorate your spare bedroom.

Patrons of the Prado – Masterpiece Gala 2017, Noche de Sueños

Patrons of the Prado Masterpiece Gala 2017, Noche de Sueños (Night of Dreams) took place on Saturday July 8th.

German Pancake Recipe from Masterchef Contestant Lauren Lawless

Here is Lauren Lawless's recipe for her famous German pancakes, otherwise know as Dutch babies.

Pest Control For Multi-Unit Apartment Buildings

Here are a few tips for making sure your whole building is pest-free, whether you rent out a duplex or a multi-unit building.