July 2018

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Makers of San Diego History

Celebrating 91th year of the San Diego Historical Society. The San Diego History Center tells the diverse story of our region- past, present and future- preserves our history, educates and enriches our community.

St. Madeleine Sophie's Center & the 41st Annual Haute with Heart

Benefiting St. Madeleine Sophie's Center, an innovation day program for adults with developmental disabilities. This year's theme "Born to Sparkle" was based on the painting titled "Elizabeth Taylor" by John Agostini. Proceeds raised at the Fashion Show benefit the programs.

Best Areas to Buy a Home in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in Australia and the most promised one to invest in a property. With the gradual decline in the prices of its real estate from the past few years, a majority of people want to buy their homes in the most beautiful Australian state and why not?

Expectations from the house sitting services

House sitting services is a good option for any homeowner to have and a house sitter can look after a home and pets when the master of the house has gone out. House sitting is a kind of service arrangement made between the homeowners and the house sitters where the latter stays at the home owner’s place and takes care of the house and pets in his absence.

Brilliant Earth Review: Best Place to Buy Diamond rings?

Marilyn Monroe said it right - diamonds definitely are a girl’s best friend. Although many would agree with her, there are only a few diamonds that do justice with that. Brilliant Earth is one of those unique online stores that understands the emotional value of diamond rings and creates eccentric styles and designs suited to meet the customers’ needs.

Trendy Summer Home Accessories

Everything that reminds you of summer, anything with a beach note and sunny glow needs you to find a perfect place for it in your house right before the summer arrives. Here are Summer Accessories to Bring Glow to Your Home

Vegan LA Eateries and Instagram Art

Social media celebrity Agnes Muljadi, best known as @artsyagnes from Instagram (with over half a million followers on the platform), has been dubbed the ‘vegan ballerina’, a nickname that has stuck with her active and engaged audience. Agnes has made a name for herself through her body positive posts and stunning ballet skills combined with her health, wellness and vegan stance on life. With a very poignant voice and style, Agnes has worked with dozens of health-inspired, sustainable and/or eco-friendly aligned companies since her account took off in 2015, including partnering with TOMS, Suja Juice, Reebok, Amazon, Cooking Light, the NFL, and more. Here she shares her favorite, much-frequented food vendors in her hometown of Los Angeles.

Best Museums in San Diego

Planning to explore the art scene of San Diego? Look no further for a short list of some of the best museums in San Diego. Whether you’re a fan of art, or a history buff, these museums are sure to entertain and enlighten your summer.

8 Recommended Beach Reads

The Equalizer 2 Movie Review

The Equalizer 2 doesn’t Equate to Much Early on in "The Equalizer 2", the mercenary who shows no mercy, Robert McCall, played once again by Denzel Washington, rants "there are two types of pain in this world, pain that hurts and pain that alters".

Top Tips To Ensure Your Home Oozes Curb Appeal On Your Real Estate Photos

6.3 million homes are expected to be sold this year, according to Statista. The median for sale price of homes currently on the market is $238,000, as per online realtor, Zillow. With asking prices so high, you want to ensure that your property stands out from the crowd and looks its best on your realtor’s brochures and website.

5 Effective Ways To Beat The Heat In Your Home This Summer

Most people love the hot, summer months as it means getting outside, enjoying vacation time and making the most of your garden space for entertaining. However, on the flipside, if the temperature soars, it can also mean uncomfortable humidity and sleepless nights.