July 2018

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8 Super Benefits of Children Attending Group Art Class

The benefits of enrolling your children in a group art class stretch far beyond just the joy of seeing them create beautiful things. Of course, this doesn’t mean that learning to draw, sculpt, or create isn’t a fantastic feat to accomplish. That alone is cause for celebration. However, the

How Automated SEO Technical Reporting Benefits you

In the recent past, creation and updating of reports were done manually. Companies ended up spending valuable time and resources that would have otherwise been spent elsewhere. Fortunately, technological inventions have helped ease the burden through the automation of various processes.

What Gift Can You Get Your Friend Who Has Everything?

Most people have that friend who is difficult to buy gifts for, they either have everything they need, or they buy things as they want them. Here are tips on what gift you can get your friend who has everything.

6 Tips for Designing the Perfect Bedroom

Given the amount of time we spend in our bedrooms, and what we get up to in there, they are worthy of special attention when designing your home. Here are the 6 key ingredients for the perfect bedroom environment. 6 Tips for Designing the Perfect Bedroom

Why Fresno Is Actually An Awesome Place To Vacation

When thinking of great California vacations, Fresno is typically not the first option that comes to mind. Fresno is often overshadowed by other California cities such as Los Angeles or San Diego. That being said, Fresno offers a wide variety of unique opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else

San Diego's Best Sushi Spots

San Diego has some of the best and freshest sushi in California, but which spots are best? Here are just two of our favorite sushi spots. One that's super inventive and fun to eat at and one that's a bit higher end. A little something for everyone.

Coasterra's Modern Spin on Mexican Food

In a world so intimately connected and becoming closer and smaller by the day, many dishes and techniques have already been tried or developed. In this highly saturated cooking environment, Coasterra is one of many restaurants hoping to embody all of what San Diego represents. The Spanish culture that predates the U.S. blended with the modern California style of today.

The Trendiest Signature Coffee Shops in San Diego

These signature coffee shops are some of the best pick-me-ups in San Diego. These trendy little shops offer delicious pastries, hot and cold beverages of every kind, and arguably the best cup of coffee you could ever dream of. Read on and find your favorite new hot spot.

San Diego’s Best Rooftop Bars and Eateries

From sun-drenched days at the beach to evenings spent wine-tasting in the rolling vineyards that lay inland, San Diego summers are incomparable. Recognizing the appeal of the city’s favorable weather, restaurants have been committed to incorporating the outdoors into the dining experience. In the past few years, San Diego has become home to numerous eateries boasting open-air patios, al fresco dining options and, most recently, rooftop restaurants. With exceptional views of downtown and mouth-watering menus, these two exceptional rooftop eateries provide a premiere dining experience for patrons without asking them to sacrifice their time spent outdoors.

Dynamic Law Duo Changes Everything

With great passion and purpose, San Diego-based Certified Family Law Specialists Ilona Antonyan and Tim Miranda have surfaced as the most sought-out attorneys in family law. It should therefore come as no surprise that they have become one of the largest, preeminent family law firms in California since their 2015 inception. Sitting down with FINE Magazine, the partners of Antonyan Miranda, LLP discuss their distinctive approach that has led to their well-earned success.

Workout Better Not Harder

As athletes turned fitness trainers, they offer quite the dynamic for those looking for a greater whole life balance—a personal investment of sorts in fitness and well-being; even offering a few pieces of their expert advice for our readers. And without further ado, meet Jeff and Josh— both of whom, are 44.

Top Wedding Dress Shops in San Diego

You voted! Now, FINE magazine has the top 3 wedding dress shops in San Diego.