July 2018

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San Diego Beautiful Historic Parks

San Diego is home to stunning seaside cliffs lining the Pacific, and golden mountains laid inland, so it’s no wonder the city is one of the most active in the nation. If you’re like me, and you’ve seen the crowds at Torrey Pines on a Saturday afternoon, you know the joy in finding remote, lesser known areas to exercise and sweat in private. This led me to look no further than California’s favorite historical neighborhood, Old Town.

Improve your Golf Swing Significantly

Gene Parente and Sean Dynes have created a unique and compelling robot for golfers unlike any in the golf world today—a machine designed and born from equal parts inspiration, perspiration, science (specifically, physics) and the natural excitement of play. The purpose? To offer golfers an opportunity to improve their game—significant yardage gain, better control, enhanced accuracy, a consistent swing and appropriate velocity and power that can perfect what a golfer is capable of achieving.

San Diego Things to Do

Be it the always beautiful weather or the wealth of diverse cultures and landscapes that define the county, San Diego has a dizzying number of things to do. Hiking, surfing, calming cruises and vibrant festivals to couples’ Muay Thai lessons! Whether it’s urban exploration or taking a stroll, there’s always something to see or do. Here are three activities that are sure to bring something new!

It's Tropical Vacation Season

This is the experience at the gorgeous Mahekal Beach Resort in the coastal resort town of Playa del Carmen. Experience all the best parts of Mexico highlighted by traditional Mayan designs and culture with all the luxury and elegance of a Hollywood resort.

HVAC Company Reveals Reason Why Luxury Homes All Use Central Air

Do you own a luxury home or are you looking to give your house a modern upgrade? If so, then air conditioning is probably one of those things that have been on your mind. You’re probably wondering whether it makes more sense to get window units or central air. HVAC Company Reveals Reason Why Luxury Homes All Use Central Air

Vital Things To Consider Before Buying A Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is acknowledged as a machine which is used for stitching fabric besides other materials. Today, you will find numerous types of sewing machines and they are available in dissimilar sizes, colors, sewing speed, functions, features etc. This is why locating one machine for your particular sewing needs turns really difficult.

San Diego Fourth of July Events

5 Tips For Cycling In The Summer

Cycling in summer is a lot of fun but you have to know how to cycle safely because of the heat. Summers can get very hot, but the heat is not the only thing that you have to worry about. You also have to think about the dehydration, and heat stroke. Because cycling is an energy intensive exercise, you will need to get ready for the summer riding.

Coconut Raspberry Muffin Recipe

Maria Desiderata Montana's coconut raspberry muffin recipe.