City Splash

Downtown pools mirror San Diego’s love of the water.

Above: Rooftop pool at the Meridian

Photo Courtesy of Trudy Stambrook

Downtown San Diego sports some impressive high-rise condominiums, complete with exquisite views and comfort-driven amenities to match. Each community has its own unique personality and style, accentuated by luxe pools that mirror SoCal’s languid lifestyle.


The towering Meridian evokes a sense of history against downtown San Diego’s modern skyline. The building resembles a ziggurat, a rectangular tiered temple erected by the ancient Assyrians and Babylonians, and, astonishingly, its stair-step pool mirrors the very building it reflects.

Operating as a saline splash pool, it is surrounded by several discrete social courtyards for lounging and entertaining, creating a sense of privacy and intimacy crowned with fragrant hedges. And just beyond the pool area in opposite directions lies a raised citrus orchard and fire pit.

Jacuzzi at the Meridian downtown San Diego FINE magazine June
The Meridian's roof top jacuzzi

Just when you thought you couldn’t improve on perfection, the pool recently underwent a small faceliftt. Dr. Richard Della Penna, board member of Meridian’s Improvement Committee, indicates the building’s desire to preserve the original design while upgrading certain stylistic features, including a fiberglass surface that will rest on the granite and cement base.

CityFront Terrace

No less impressive are the water features at CityFront Terrace, just blocks from Meridian. A small splash pool is tucked off one end of the alternating glass and brownstone condominiums of CityFront, promising privacy and seclusion to the building residents. In contrast, on the opposing side of the building sits an impressive lap pool, surrounded by stunning brickwork featuring an interlocking design.

cityfront terrace downtown san diego fine magazine june
CityFront Terrace ariel view of the pool and jaccuzi lounging area

The pool’s simplicity is compelling, being further ringed by palm trees and other greens that proudly standing at attention.

CityFront terrace downtown san diego roof top pool fine magazine
Enjoy a beautiful day relaxing by the rooftop lap pool at CityFront Terrace

But CityFront has an additional secret: a courtyard that is home to lush vegetation surrounding an elegant rectangular coal black fountain. Water streams over the fountain’s dark sleek lines, with the entire object appearing to float in an angular pool of water.

CityFront Terrace roof top lap pool downtown san diego fine magazine june
Taking laps in the roof top pool at the CityFront Terrace

Trees flank the length of the fountain as if sheltering it, creating a secret garden motif. Simple wooden benches dot corners of the courtyard, inviting quiet conversations or personal reflection. It’s a haven for contemplatives if there ever was one.

Harbor Club

Harbor Club is home to a magnificently elongated lap pool with a small half-circle extension on one side for easy entry. Serious swimmers will love this half Olympic-size lap pool with its pristine expanse of water in which to clock some meaningful mileage. The pool is located on the sixth-level terrace situated between two towers, beckoning homeowners to come and play.

Harbor Club down town san diego fine magazine june
Beautiful roof top pool deck at the Harbor Club

And indeed they do. Mark and Joan Fiorito, 15-year homeowners, visit the terrace often. “We love it here; we come down to just relax and barbecue four days a week.”

Harbor Club Downtown san diego roof top pool fine magazine june
The Harbor Club downtown San Diego

The elevation of the entire terrace reveals partial views of San Diego’s cityscape, subject to subtle breezes and captivating fragrances. The visual pleasure is compounded by colorful floral plantings of palms and bird of paradise groupings amply set around the terrace perimeter. Additionally, soft-sided outdoor furniture is pleasantly grouped in small corners, surrounded by lush garden greenery.

Broadway Athletic and Swim Club

As if these pools weren’t enough, under development is Broadway Athletic and Swim Club, slated to open in early summer. Sitting aloft Symphony Towers, the club will be home to a sleek rooftop pool for vigorous workouts—and pool-side cabanas for rest and recovery. Full exercise equipment options will also be available at this location.