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Dr. Robert A. Shumway, MD, FACS

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Shumway Cosmetic Surgery, run by Dr. Robert A. Shumway, MD., F.A.C.S. and his team offer services that may rival the mythology of magical waters that bring back the taut beautiful skin and lush vibrancy of our youth.  Dr. Shumway specializes in cosmetic surgery and skin rejuvenation and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). He believes that you should not only “Look as young as you feel, but feel as young as you look.”  

Hormonal imbalance begins for men and women at different stages of life. Dr. Shumway works on helping clients be proactive about preventing the symptoms and illnesses that arise due to the loss of various hormones in the body.  Symptoms like fatigue, low libido, sexual endurance, weight-gain in the mid-section, and poor sleep are some of the underlying issues. Many of us assume these are the telltale signs of aging, and it cannot be undone, but that does not mean we just have to lie there and take it. Maintaining optimal levels of the correct hormones promotes an improved lifestyle, and perhaps prevents further illnesses.  Bioidentical hormones are identical in molecular structure to the hormones that made in the body; they are derived from a variety of plants like yams and soybeans. 
Dr. Shumway of Shumway Cosmetic Surgery offers a complimentary consultation that helps to identify if BHRT is right for the individual. Dr. Shumway runs a blood test that identifies what the client needs, and then writes a prescription for a compound of hormones that are needed. No generic prescription is written because each individual has unique needs, the prescription is tailored so that the amount of each hormone needed is fit for the individual’s optimal balance. Dr. Shumway schedules a 3-month follow up that will evaluate and if needed adjust the prescription. The results can be felt and seen, but it is a process, and Dr. Shumway has realistic goals for his clients. 
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