June 2019

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Why Keep Your Rental Property Instead of Selling It?

Northern Virginia is a state preferred by many because of the high-quality education, top jobs, and beautiful scenery. It is also a historic state that offers quality healthcare and is known for its low tax rates.

Your Guide to Caring for an Elderly Family Member

It is inevitable that everyone will get old one day. As such, you may find that you are tasked with taking care of an elderly family member. Since there is no real way to prepare for such a role, it isn’t uncommon to feel overwhelmed by it all.

Spooky Yet Stylish: How to Decorate Your Home for Halloween

Give your Halloween decorations a stylish spin by incorporating elements of industrial modernism into your designs and repurposing everyday objects.

Why Paris Should be your First European Adventure

Living in America's Finest city, we San Diegans often crave the new, exciting and stimulating. We love our breweries, bars and beach front homes. Going to the farmers markets in your

5 Steps to Cleaning your Gutters like a Professional

It's that time again! Time to get those gutters clean and restored to their prime. Clean your gutters like a professional by following these five easy steps.

An Interview with a Broker Will Look like This

If you’re wondering what usually happens when someone speaks with a mortgage broker here’s what goes down.

Borrowing Money: Your Guide to the Finer Details

At some point or another, you will be faced with the prospect of borrowing money. After all, few people are born wealthy. This means that you may be faced with more expenses than you can handle on your own.

AquaVie: An Urban Oasis in Downtown San Diego

In the heart of downtown San Diego, AquaVie offers a retreat that fuses luxury and wellness with a spa and fitness club.

5 Ways To Balance Being A Mom With Other Responsibilities (50%)

Balancing is not always easy to achieve- whether it’s balancing on one leg during the eagle pose in yoga class or balancing motherhood and your education, the task of balancing can...

Low-cost cameras for students for memorable photos

College is an exciting time. You will meet many interesting people and experiencing things that you have never had the opportunity to before. With everything going on

Highly Problematic Problems You Can Avoid When Moving

Are you planning to move to a new apartment or home soon? You must be very excited and looking forward to living in your new place. Moving gives us the opportunity to start afresh, meet new people, and enjoy new experiences.

Garage Design Concepts

You don't have to assume that your garage is there solely for vehicle storage purposes. If you think in an innovative and fresh manner, you can actually take advantage of your garage.