Keep Maintenance Appointments So Your Household Runs Smoothly


Maybe there’s snow in your weather forecast. It is the first of the season and it’s going to be heavy. In fact, all the local meteorologists say it will likely break past records, even the one from 1967 when it snowed on Dec. 13. Your kids are excited and, truthfully, so are you. You want to experience what promises to be a beautiful and unusual event for your area.

Waking the next day, you’re not disappointed. There is a beautiful blanket of white covering the outdoors. Schools are closed and you’ve stocked up on food. You anticipate a fun few days. You’re about to take your kids sledding to begin enjoying the snow. Then it happens, one of the worst possible occurrences for this cold snowy timeframe. The main furnace stops working.

Finding a Company with Same Day Service

It's so cold you feel your indoor temperatures dropping as you search for an available furnace repair technician to come and help you. Most of them say they can’t get there to take a look until tomorrow, at the earliest. You remember, as you continue dialing, that you missed your annual furnace checkup this year. Lesson learned. Now, if you can just find someone who will come out today.

Of course, you’re fortunate that the upstairs bedrooms are heated on a separate furnace system, but it is getting uncomfortable in the lower levels of your home. You wonder if that will be enough heat to keep the pipes from freezing. Finally, you find a company that can send someone out today. While you’re waiting, you proceed with your sledding excursion and then stay upstairs to remain warm. The technician arrives and is able to replace a small part to get the downstairs heat going again. What could have been an uncomfortable situation is corrected, but you’ve learned to keep up with maintenance in the future.

Scheduling Preventative Maintenance

When everything is back to normal and the children are settled in with a movie, you take a minute to think of the importance of maintenance and upkeep, not only for the furnace but for the other necessities of your home. Of course, you had a comprehensive inspection of the property before you moved in, but that’s been a few years.

Your thoughts return to an article you’ve recently perused, explaining why owning a home is not the best investment and a great way to spend lots of money that could be garnering interest in other places. Since you have already made the purchase though, and really love your home, you go back to thinking of things that require yearly maintenance, such as:

  • Air conditioning should be inspected at the same time as the heating.

  • Appliances need to be maintained for safety in some cases. Remember to have the dryer vent cleaned regularly.

  • Plumbing needs a check every now and then before you spring a leak.

  • Chimneys need cleaning, even if you don’t use the fireplace.

  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors should be checked, and possibly replaced, at least once a year.

The Outside Needs Regular Maintenance Too

  • The pool needs several types of maintenance during its season of use, which includes valves, filter checks, and proper operation of the heater. Chemicals need to maintain proper levels.

  • Gutters require regular cleaning to function properly.

  • Driveways, walkways, and paths need attention sometimes to remain safe for the children and your guests. Don’t forget about outside play equipment.

And, of course, the landscape needs upkeep as well. Trees need to be pruned and sometimes treated for pests. Use a certified arborist if you have several trees that may receive damage from storms or insect and disease infestations. Flower beds may require division, replanting or both. Everything growing outside will likely benefit from fertilization at some point. If you have a gardener, he or she will likely take care of these aspects of maintenance. They may also handle maintenance of the lawnmower and other equipment used to keep the landscape looking its best.