Keep Warm with this Season's Hot New Trend

Fur is Back and This Time it's Animal-Safe

Men’s Vandal Coat in Bandicoot

Photos provided by Furrocious Furr

Kristy Smith is the creative mind behind Furrocious Furr, a fun and eclectic line focusing on faux-fur clothing. Inspired by the many music festivals she had attended, Kristy launched this line in March 2014 realizing she could recreate the funky, show-stopping pieces she had seen many times before. The result was more than a simple recreation. After investing time and care into this project, Kristy had individualized these stylings by putting her own spin on them catapulting the one-of-a-kind line, Furrocious Furr, to success. The main source of inspiration was drawn from the “Burning Man” festival which takes place in the desert which gets bitterly cold at night, thus, Furrocious Furr specializes in faux-fur coats. With over 60 faux-fur options, 5 sequin options, and 24 available color schemes, anyone is bound to find exactly what they are looking for. All orders are custom made and all pieces are made locally in Southern California. I had the privilege of asking Kristy a few questions about her fun fashion line.


FINE MAGAZINE How much time did F.F. take from conception to launch?
KRISTY SMITH I never intended on having a faux fur coat business. My background and passion are in contemporary dresses, tops, and swimwear. The story behind Furrocious Furr “is essentially that” I was tired of being cold at Burning Man, because when I get cold I can’t have fun anymore. People would come up to me and my boyfriend dressed in the capes at various festivals and ask where I got it and if they could get one. So, I decided to make something really cool and super warm to wear back in 2013 for my boyfriend and I at the time. I started making them for friends and friends-of- friends and my business grew and grew from one cape to a full coat line. I went to the fashion district and found some super luxurious faux-fur. I created his and hers long capes with over-sized hoods. I spray-painted Halloween Ram-shaped horns and drilled holes in them to sew onto the hoods. I also made matching faux-fur boot covers and hand paws to wear with the capes.

FINE What inspired you to specialize in faux-fur coats?
SMITH After my faux fur capes came a faux fur vest for guys and a hooded cape-let for women. After that I made my first faux fur coat. People loved the coats so much I just kept expanding.

FINE It remains consistently warm in Southern California. Do you have many out-of-state sales?
SMITH I get a lot of out-of-country and out-of-state sales from my Etsy Store.

FINE If you were to customize your own faux fur coat, describe what you would choose?
SMITH It would be my latest & greatest creation so far—the LED faux-fur-trimmed flip sequin Temptress Coat. It’s pretty spectacular with over 200 color changing modes and a Pom-Pom belt that is like having an LED poi to play with.

FINE What are the future plans for Furrocious Furr?
SMITH To launch my LED collection once my LED system is finalized and to grow my business every year and promote Furrocious Furr, not only as a festival brand, but also as a contemporary fashion brand. I also want to promote Furrocious Furr towards places that utilize real fur as an eco/animal friendly alternative. 

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