Keeping your dog happy at home - finding cute Dog Clothing Sold by Big Retail Stores

We all like to look our best and dogs do too! We like to clothe our children in clothes that are comfortable, look good, perhaps are that bit different or unique and provide a bit of a statement. There are many reasons why dog clothing is used and every dog owner will have their reason for their choice to do that, some of the reasons may be for function and other reasons would be down to personal preferences but whatever the reason, dog clothes are becoming ever more popular like a style trend for us. It is no different from a dog, drying coats are trendy and they are using it as an alternative to using towels.


The following points address some of the reasons why we should not settle for cheap dog clothing.




If a company is very profit driven, they will look to buy as cheaply as possible so that they can then sell cheaply to the consumer. If you want to have a quality product then a quality product cannot be made too cheaply as attention to detail takes time and planning and raw material costs are greater.


Material and Quality


The materials used in quality brands can be much more comfortable for your dog. Materials come in all manner of quality and usually more expensive materials are more comfortable as they use a better mix of raw ingredients. There are the breathability and practicality to consider too and usually, quality materials are better at both.


Cloth can be cut in different ways in the manufacturing process and more expensive clothing manufacturers tend to employ better ways of cutting the cloth, usually using more cloth, and in addition, seams are finished with no raw edges and the detail can be seen in the finished product.


Often cheaper clothes are not pre-washed meaning that they can shrink on their first wash, making them smaller or tighter than would be comfortable. Manufacturers who do pre-wash their clothes have larger operating costs and would use more material to allow for shrinkage on the first wash. Often good materials can be washed over and over without losing their shape and tend therefore to stand the test of time.


The Fit


If the manufacturer has taken time to properly consider how the garment will fit and how the garment will move when the person is wearing it, this will result in higher production costs but the resultant product will feel much better when it is on. It is important for your dog that the clothing is not too tight or too restrictive.




The big retail stores may offer products that fit purpose to a degree but by sourcing your dog clothing elsewhere you will be able to get a more unique piece of clothing that is not routinely available and has not been seen by a large proportion of the population.




It may be that a very ethical company may wish to ensure that their workers are well paid with good working conditions. Some companies may produce their clothing locally and therefore are in a position to give jobs to local people, thus helping the local economy. Production costs will be higher compared to large companies who usually source from abroad.


By not settling for cheap clothing, you can have the advantage of being able to choose from products which are more stylish, more comfortable, fit better and are perhaps locally produced.