Kitchen Countertop Options: What is in Style for 2019

Whether you’re updating your kitchen because you can no longer stand your old one or whether you are just finally getting around to it, you want to choose materials that both meet your needs and keep your home looking fresh and trendy. 94% of kitchen remodels include getting new countertops. When it comes to the options you have for kitchen countertops, here are the trends that are in style for 2019.  


Industrial Concrete Countertops

Texture as a design element is a huge design trend this year. One way we are seeing designers pull texture into the kitchen is by using industrial concrete countertops. Concrete is great at achieving the contemporary look that is growing in popularity in a way that just can’t be achieved with natural stone. Concrete countertops can have many different finishes and can be stamped, acid-stained, and sealed to create a unique look.


Bold Veining

Gone are the days of having a boring kitchen. 2019 wants character, and what a better way to achieve this than with bold veining and patterns. While this can be achieved with technology, some homeowners are put off by the sometimes unnatural look. However, many different types of marble and granite, such as Norway Green, Breccia Medicea, Azul Imperial, Astrus, and Babel Blue, offer bold veining. This bold veining trend is not just a dark veining on white but is also being seen with light veining on dark stone as well. This trend is sure to grow as homeowners are starting to make statements with their countertops and backsplashes rather than single statement walls.


Neutral Tones

Neutral tones can easily be found in a wide range of countertop materials including marble, granite, quartz, soapstone, travertine, etc. As homeowners move from the sterile all-white kitchens and are finding ways to bring more sunlight into the kitchen, these neutral tones are a welcome addition. This trend is also likely popular as there is a general trend of earthier tones in all aspects of design right now. If you’re thinking of adding neutral tones to your kitchen, look for countertops with muted greens, beiges, and soft tans and pinks.


Dark Stone

This design trend is one to make a statement. Dark kitchens create a moody atmosphere that is a stark contrast to the all-white kitchen that has long been trending. While this trend is commonly seen in modern designs, this year is it being incorporated into many different design styles. Pick a dark granite or quartz and completely transform your kitchen. Dark stone countertops are hot, no matter the type of finish you decide to use, and go great with the more neutral tones and woods that are being seen in kitchen designs.


Quartz is Still Going Strong

Quartz has become one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops in recent years and this trend is still going strong. In 2018, engineers’ quartz was the countertop material of choice in 43% of kitchen remodels. This trend is no surprise given the nearly indestructible nature of the material, not to mention the fact that it comes in a plethora of colors.


Terrazzo Makes a Comeback

Design has a way of repeating itself over time. We’ve seen it happen before with neoclassical architecture and are seeing it again with mid-century modern design. With this resurgence in design, the stage is prime for terrazzo (a popular material in the 50s and 60s) to again take center stage. This countertop trend is perhaps the most ‘green’ option as it is made with recycled bits of marble and glass and either concrete or resin. It is also one of the more affordable options.


Honed and Leather Finishes

The entire look of your kitchen can be transformed based on the type of finish you choose to get on your countertop. With texture being such a popular design element right now, honed and leather finishes are growing in popularity. A honed finish is a matte finish that has little to no shine whatsoever. Honed finishes tend to be more popular with marble with those homeowners that crave the patina look. A leather finish, on the other hand, has a soft sheen to it. A leather finish brings to life a stone’s natural color without the gloss that comes with polish and a feel similar to a matte finish.


Going Out of Style

Kitchen remodels are expensive, so you want to choose your materials wisely. There’s nothing worse than picking out a countertop material only for it to be going out of style, making your kitchen look dated. If you’re getting ready for a remodel in 2019, here are a few trends that are on their way out and best avoided.


All-White Kitchens

All-white kitchens will never truly go out of style. However, the trends outlined above are quickly replacing them. The all-white kitchen can be difficult to clean daily, especially when the kitchen sees a lot of traffic. Instead, homeowners are opting to put that splash of color back into their kitchens or even opting for a moodier look with dark colors.


Highly Polished Surfaces

Highly polished surfaces and high-gloss cabinets were all the rage a few years ago. But nowadays, they are feeling dated. If you’re already in the market for a remodel, getting a different finish on your countertops can help avoid this dated feeling. Simply getting your countertops refinished can also help achieve the hot textured look that is currently trending.


It’s a Long-Term Commitment

While choosing a material and style that is trending can make your kitchen look stylish, you should ultimately love your final decision. You will be looking at it and using it for the next 8 to 10 years, so loving your decision is one of the most important factors in remodeling your kitchen. As long as you love it, you won’t really mind if it goes out of style. And let’s be honest. With the way design changes, any material you choose will eventually look dated.


While quartz is the most popular countertop material right now, natural stone is close behind and more flexible in the type of look they can bring into your kitchen (think bold veining, matte finishes, and neutral colors). For this reason alone, natural stone should be considered for your kitchen remodel. For more information, please visit slab market to find that perfect countertop that brings a special bit of character into your kitchen.