Kitchen Renovation or Bathroom Upgrade? A Guide for the Undecided

If the kitchen is the heart of a home, then the bathroom is its stomach. Outside of the kitchen, the bathroom is the most renovated part of the house. The bathroom may have even dethroned the kitchen as king of house renovations, albeit by a hair.

Together, these two outnumber any small-scale renovations being done in all the other parts of the house combined, by a very wide margin. What is it that makes people covet dated kitchens and ACS Designer Bathrooms? And more importantly, which one should you do? Let’s find out.

The heart

According to a research article, food preparation habits have a large implication on an individual’s health. Those who spend more time slicing and dicing away in the kitchen are more likely to have a healthy diet and are most likely to pass this on to their kids. On the other hand, those who spend less time in the kitchen are 1.8 times more likely to visit fast-food restaurants and miss out on the nourishment that a home-cooked meal gives. Having a dated kitchen makes food preparation easier and faster, and this is one of the most compelling reasons behind the frequent renovations.

Aside from the science behind the health benefits of home cooking, another reason, however unexpected, is the emotional benefit an updated kitchen can bring to a family. A surprising 49% of homeowners who undergo renovations wanted the inviting space of an updated kitchen to encourage more time with the family. They believe that there is nothing like a nurturing home-cooked meal that can bring families closer together. 

The stomach

To some people, ACS Designer Bathrooms are more important, but in slightly different ways than the kitchen. They are the fortress of solitudes to the supermen and women of today who spend countless hours slaving away at the office or the plant, depending on their career choice. A few minutes of soaking in a bathtub or scrubbing under a hot shower is the perfect way to bookend what was a tiring but productive day.

But if you look more closely, there is something more to it than meets the eye. Firstly, your muscles contract when stimulated by calcium, and your body has calcium in spades after an especially taxing day. Bath salts contain magnesium, which, when absorbed by the body through the skin, competes with the calcium to help regulate muscle contraction. And this is how you get that relaxed and loose feeling after a half an hour in the tub. Secondly, regular and proper scrubbing sloughs away dead skin cells, keeping the biggest organ on your body healthy and young-looking.

The health benefits do not stop there. What goes in the kitchen must come out in the bathroom.  And a healthy bowel movement is just as important as a healthy diet. It allows you to empty your colon, so you do not feel bloated or pain. It is also a good indicator of your overall health and gives you time to react if you notice unusual changes.

The winner

An updated kitchen or ACS Designer Bathrooms, the choice is up to you. Which one is more important would depend largely on who you ask. But now, hopefully, you have more information to work with and help you decide one way or the other. One thing is for sure; you benefit either way. And whichever you end up renovating, you can never go wrong.