Know all the types of bed mattresses so that you pick your perfect piece

After a tiring day, you go through the motions of finishing a meal, changing your clothes and finally you sink into the warm embrace of your bed.  The bed is one of the most prized possessions a person can own. It is not just furniture but a safe haven for many, especially for Indians who take their siestas and sleep seriously.  This is why it is crucial to select the mattress that fits your needs. The proper mattress helps you get the sound sleep which is essential for the body to rejuvenate.

While you search for bed mattress online, you have to remember that not all of them will suit your needs. The key points to keep in mind are the support it offers which is a personal preference because without proper support, you will tend to injure your back or wake up feeling tired and sore, the right kind of softness is essential too. While the whole cloud experience might seem fun, it is, in reality, a nightmare. A mattress without a strong core and structural integrity will cause back pains and sleeping disorders.  Breathability is important too as it keeps the mattress free from microbes that form due to the sweat and dirt that accumulates in the mattress.  As you surf through the Indian bedroom furniture catalogue you will come across various sets and types of mattresses to choose from but primarily there are four types of mattresses:

  • Coir Mattress is a specialty of India. Made from coconut coir, these mattresses are firm and economical and are ideal for people suffering from back problems. On the flipside, these mattresses tend to have a short life of approximately 4 years.

  • Spring Mattress is made from small coils and springs put under a cushiony wrapper. These springs add a bounce to the mattress which may transfer any motion to the other side. This is especially a negative trait if you have a partner. But with the right cushions, especially a mixture of spring and coils, the desired no motion transfer can be achieved. These mattresses are ideal for back pains and helps with great sleep.

  • Foam Mattress has longer durability and though it might seem costly, the benefits outrun the budget barrier. The multiple layered foam sheets provide excellent support and less stress of disturbing others with your constant turns. Currently the most popular mattress kind if the country, these mattresses sometimes are combined with spring or coil to provide additional benefits.

  • Memory Foam Mattress has the structure of the open cell which retains the structure of the pressure points for a longer time. Due to this retaining nature, the foam layers helps you sleep better and if you have a partner you can rest assured that your movements will not disturb them. But it is advised to not bounce on this mattress as it will destroy the structure.

The ideal mattress is usually costly but you can buy them online at a discounted price but then when is the ideal time to avail these offers? While seasonal and festive offers are there, you can avail promo codes which you earn when you make transactions online. But, never compromise on you sleep as it helps you feel better and live healthier.