La Jolla Hat Show 5th Anniversary

Browse pictures from this fabulous event!

My hat is off to Mary Soriano for producing her 5th annual La Jolla Hat Show. This community event exemplifies class, the latest looks, and a love for the horses. Mary’s mission is to support local businesses, entertain summer trends and to give back. This year's beneficiaries were S.L.A.P. and Thera-pony, two charities that rescue horses.

Guests enjoyed socializing, hors d’oeuvres and beverages on the balcony of the Madison Gallery|Modern and Contemporary Fine Art. Madison Gallery was an incredible venue, with magnificent ocean views and beautiful sunsets. As music played, guests mingled and shopped at the local pop–up boutique's.

Eight men were selected from the audience to participate in an impromptu runway show featuring the men's panama and fedora style straw hats. Watching regular joes strutting down the runway was definitely a sight to see!

Next, women were selected by Madison Gallery for the Best Hat Contest. ​There were great prizes for the winner, ranging from Turf Club tickets to the Del Mar Racetrack to dinner for two at Eddie V's Restaurant. The competition was fierce, but there could only be 3 winners.

The Winners

1st Place—Ashley Buzzell sported a couture mini–top hat. It was a striking red with a black hat band. The detail of the standing mini black feathers on the side of the hat gave it movement and an air of chic elegance.

2nd Place—Juliet Miller wore a beautiful golden fascinator with a veil. The hat featured layers of petals of taffeta and details of gold metallic thread sparkled over the veil.

3rd Place—Terri Brice graced the runway with an amazing layered wide–brim mesh hat. This one was designed with overlaid petals and so much attention to detail. And as a fun accent, the trim had black leopard print and rhinestones around the brim.​

​One of my personal favorite ​hats ​was one of green pacha, uniquely hand–woven with natural fibers. The straw has a soft and ductile texture that makes these hats light and durable. 

​The event featured ​​Russian–born clothing ​designer An​y​a Tychinskay​a. Her mother taught her to sew and ​​​​knit at just seven years old.  ​The dresses in her collection featured at the show were one–of–a–kind, hand–knitted and crocheted of 100% silk. According to Vogue, crochet is very trendy this season​. Anna Valleria​'s​ is ​​right on point stylistically, her style defined by the beautifully muted soft colors of nature, one of her inspirations.  The silk draped over the curves of the models effortlessly creating a very feminine, soft look.  

Although the night was dedicated to hats, the La Jolla Hat Show is about so much more! It's a gathering of San Diego, a celebration of the season and the summer. We can't wait for next year's event!