Laser Cliniqúe

Laser Cliniqúe combines art and medicine into a fabulous new procedure.

P. Alexander Ataii, M.D.

Early in life, P. Alexander Ataii, M.D. of San Diego’s Laser Cliniqúe began to sort through his many passions. Should he pursue art and architecture, an interest inherited from his father? Or perhaps he should invest himself in the growing field of technology? Finally, Dr. Ataii decided to combine two of his most pressing passions: art and medicine.

“My interest in art started as a teenager when I spent countless hours at the Getty Museum. I was fascinated by artwork related to the human figure and establishing how to perfect symmetry,” says Dr. Ataii. But he also found himself searching for a higher purpose—and a higher education. Growing up in a family that encouraged higher education and a successful career, Dr. Ataii chose to pursue a career in medicine, but in doing so he never lost his artistic eye. “Non–invasive cosmetic surgery allowed me to blend my passion for the human form using art, architecture and technology in a non–invasive method to create perfect symmetry as it relates to the human form and anti–aging.”

Today, Dr. Ataii still employs those various passions in his work at Laser Cliniqúe, his award–winning practice that specializes in non–invasive cosmetic surgery. At Laser Cliniqúe, their priority is always ensuring patients are comfortable. A self–labeled “medical spa,” Laser Cliniqúe isn’t another chore or routine doctor visit; it’s an enjoyable experience that keeps you looking your best. “We try to set the standard in excellent patient care and go above and beyond to make sure the patients are comfortable before, during and after the treatment,” says Dr. Ataii.

Their specialization has earned them quite the reputation and accolades and allowed Laser Cliniqúe to recently expand into a larger, more modern facility. Every member of the Laser Cliniqúe team is well–trained and most have been with Dr. Ataii for a long time, meaning they all work as a cohesive team. 

Dr Ataii

The future only looks brighter for Laser Cliniqúe: “We anticipate bringing on dermatologists to fulfill a complimentary piece to our current practice. By expanding to a larger facility, we now have the capacity to house additional providers and reach a broader patient population.”

Dr. Ataii is nothing but enthusiastic when it comes to the future of his burgeoning, renowned practice—and his entire field. “The exciting part is that less than ten years ago, cosmetic procedures were only considered by the higher socioeconomic status individuals. Today, patients of all socioeconomic status have access to enhance their appearance. Technology, whether it relates to laser and light–based devices, body sculpting or injectables, continues to progress to make treatments easier to tolerate, less painful and with less downtime. The demand for less invasive procedures continues to grow. As we always say, ‘Looking Young Never Gets Old.’ ”

It seems that Dr. Ataii truly chose the right path all those years ago. Ten years after opening Laser Cliniqúe, his practice is the epitome of success and he gets to incorporate all of his passions into his daily work, all while simultaneously helping his growing community. As they say at Laser Cliniqúe, “Looking Young Never Gets Old,” and it looks like the practice won’t be getting old any time soon, either. 

Laser Cliniqúe