Lavish Gifts for Newlyweds

Your Curated Wedding Gift Guide

A Hirondelles Grand Vase in clear crystal stamped with gold exterior isn’t your average wedding gift, because it’s exceptional. The reason is simple: new couples hope to add something exquisite to their home décor. Not only is it beneficial to add some inspiring décor to a new home, but this vase can easily be a home’s centerpiece statement. This must-have is decadent in every way. As a French couture item offered in limited-edition by Lalique, adding it to your wish list should be a top priority. Inspired by the swallow bird, this French-inspired piece by Rene Lalique displays meaningful art that symbolizes true happiness at its finest.





Let’s add another essential wedding gift to the list. New couples do need a few high-end pieces of French couture, right? Indeed! Lalique offers this limited-edition Champs-Elysees clear and intense green grand bowl for the mindful customer. It’s unique, stylish, and lavish. This piece isn’t necessarily a “hands-off” item in a home, but it is sacred. Placing it as a centerpiece or presenting it in an open space of a home would enhance the appearance of a room instantaneously. Symbolizing harmony and balance, this is just what newlyweds need to start this exciting chapter of their lives!





Looking for something fun and stylish to give the newlyweds? Check out this 1930s-inspired Baccarat Harcourt Abysse vodka set. It’s a stylish addition to a bar collection and a playful set for a new home. Need an afternoon pick-me-up, or a weekend indulgence? This decadent table set isn’t just all for looks, it allows your favorite couple to pour a serious sip and think of you!





This unique petrified wood slab is truly an exquisite piece. It radiates through its unique color combinations! Besides being an admirable commodity to add in any home, newlyweds would love to have this piece in their dining room or any personal space throughout their home. The wood also doubles as a jewelry holder. Further, every time you view the wood it’s a visual “get-away.”

South Sea Pearl Necklace $495 

Petrified Wood Slab $245  




Every couple needs a gorgeous purple amethyst geode with quartz like this one. This versatile piece is surely a must-have item for newlyweds. The vibrancy of this geode is breathtaking! It can be placed on display in a wide-open space, or even in the corner of a dining room! Traditionally a Greek term meaning “without drunkenness,” Amethyst-lovers claim this piece has powerful qualities including giving people insight. And what newlywed couple doesn’t need that?





This white crystal quartz stone is a conversation-starter. It’s vibrant and an ideal complement to a home. This unique piece could easily light up any empty space! A symbol of harmony, the stone is a one-of-a-kind attraction that is said to disperse negativity. It makes what could be an average home, no longer just “average,” but distinct.