Posse Brand: Leaders of the New Cool

Posse: (n) "Leaders of the New Cool"

Posse Brand

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My good friend Donere aka Nere, has started his own clothing brand, and I couldn't be more proud of him. From wanting something to be known for, to being known internationally, things can only go up for Nere and the Posse. A rapper and photographer, Nere has recently entered the fashion world and taken it by storm. With an international following––including his "London Posse"––Nere is ready to release his latest collection.

What is Posse Brand?
First off, Posse Brand is  a brand that I established because I wanted to give the fans and people that genuinely like me something to think of when they think of me. [Posse] is also a group of young leaders just trying to do cool s*** with their lives.

Where do you draw inspiration when coming up with different concepts (like the Cup Series) for the brand? 
I start off with colors that I see when I'm out. I always see a lot of cool color schemes when I'm out too. The Cup Series [colors] came from the auto shop Meineke. Then I came up with an idea on how to use those colors for the Cup Series. As I'm out, I may see a certain way a brand positions a logo. Most small logos are in the top left corner of a brand, so I got inspired by that and found a way to make it my own. 

My recent Fall/Winter 2016 collection called 'Townie' came from me being on the UD (University of Delaware) campus. I was called a townie, and I went home and did research on what a townie meant. You're considered a townie if you're always at a school but don't go there... I drew up my idea, and it was on from there. 

Posse Brand

Tell me a little more about camera nerds. Does it tie in to Posse Brand at all?
It came about just off the strength of me wanting to do film. It was a Cannon 70D, that I spent all my savings for a car on. I went to AiPH (Art Institute of Philadelphia) for film and producing, but It didn't really work out for me so I dropped out. Then I did photography for people and got way more serious about it. 

Most people think its a group or a nerdy dude who does videos, but it's just me. It does tie into Posse because when I try to promote my brand, I take the pictures of the clothes and tag camera nerds. I also filmed a commercial that was filmed by camera nerds.