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Trust is the foundation for any relationship. We trust our parents to take care of our wants and needs until we grow up. We trust our teachers to teach us the relevant subjects without questioning their authority. We trust our doctors to heal us and cure us. We trust our leaders to take care of the public welfare and maintain a clean and safe society. We trust our spouses to love us forever. Trust is the sole cause this world is functioning. Sometimes, people may lose their trust due to unforeseen events. In most cases, we can do nothing about it but to wait for time to heal all wounds. In some other cases, we can learn to manage the trust placed in us.

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The financial trust

We often take loans to save our business, pay for college, make a marriage, open a new business, etc. The credit that most banks and our friends base our trust upon is the anchor that will keep us grounded to the earth and keeps reminding us of our responsibilities. Better Credit Blog will help you improve your credit, maintain credit and rebuild credit. The blog helps you with building credit even when there is nothing just by following these methods:

  • In the archaic way, you can become one of the authorized personnel to use a credit card and build credit if they co-sign on a vehicle for you. There is a reason this method is out dated. This does not work anymore.

  • Do not apply for a credit card when you have a history. This just creates multiple inquiries and lowers the credit score.

  • You can start with a debit card that requires you to deposit money to be able to access it which helps you build and rebuild good credit which will help you secure a credit card from “American Express” later on.

  • Once you get a debit card, make the payments regularly. This way, you are being responsible and building up the trust.

  • Once you have dutifully finished this for a year, now apply for a major credit card that will increase your credit score.

Informative credit Blog helps you maximize your credit score. This will help you make optimum use of your credit cards.

  • On your credit report, there are two types of enquiries which can affect your credit score. The soft enquiry does not make any change and involves going through your credit report during a transaction. The hard enquiry, on the other hand, can affect your credit score almost always. This includes applying for credit card or a car loan.

  • Keep a track of the account types that have the maximum impact on your credit score. The descending order is: real estate loans, installment loans, credit cards, retail cards.

Your credit system might be infallible, but, when in desperate need of extra credit, we must know all the tricks of the trade. Better credit blog will help you to maintain a constant healthy financial management.