Learning to Live the Luxury Lifestyle

Whether you’ve done well in life, with happy possession of a fine property and an enviable car, or you’re just looking to try something new, the glamorous and luxury lifestyle of old has become more affordable for American’s with a lust for something different and interesting. The first part of any new and opulent hobby is to learn how it’s done, picking up the skills to impress your friends and excel in whichever endeavor you set your heart on, and so this article gives a short introduction to a few of the wonderful lifestyle choices that’ll have you exercising a little more luxury in your life.




Not everyone can afford to buy or even part-own a yacht, but almost everyone can save their disposable cash to learn to sail one. Whether you’re most excited by a traditional yacht requiring technical expertise in maritime knowledge or a motor yacht you’ll be able to rent for a week with the family, you’re required to take a course in the basics of seafaring - knowing port from starboard, signals, and methods of dropping anchor - so that you and other vessels around you are safe. Courses are available from all harbors and ports.




Again, you don’t need your own private jet to be able to take to the skies on your own for a pleasure trip over wonderful landscapes. Flight schools are pricey, but saving up the cash to get your license over a series of training flights is itself one of life’s most exhilarating learning processes. Take to the internet to learn about everything from wingtip vortices to air traffic control communication norms, so that you’re fluent in the theory before you can get your hands on the controls.




The most luxury sports seem to have been imported from the British, like lawn croquet, polo or rowing. These sports possess a special allure because of their classy appeal and joining a club to learn how to play is both excellent fun and a great way of meeting other distinguished and influential people. In the US, golf is perhaps the most ubiquitous sport of luxury, with stunning courses littering the country. Taking yourself down to the local driving range once a week to perfect your swing before hitting your local luxury course will set you in good stead in avoiding those embarrassing tee-off disasters in front of the clubhouse.




You don’t need a Ferrari on your driveway to call yourself a motoring aficionado. In fact, you won’t need to own a beautiful and extravagant car at all; instead, book yourself into track days to hone the race craft you’re hoping to make part of your life, and head out on go-karting trips, to learn the limits of the vehicles you drive and the skill of hitting the apex of a corner as sweetly as possible. With a little skill, you’ll be able to enter races in which you might attain sponsorship for a racing league.


Luxury lives are not so much visible in the day-to-day but in the lifestyle choices people make; take up a glamorous pursuit today to hone in on achieving a luxury area in your life.