Leucadia's Dream Divas: Marissa Bouchér Transforms Boudoir Divas

Searching for Balance and the Beach

Marissa Bouchér, owner of Boudoir Divas

Photo by Deena Cormier

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Growing up an only child on a 60-acre Ramona ranch with no neighbors in sight, Marissa Briscoe dreamed. Her parents called her a dreamer; her teachers and friends said she was a dreamer (and perhaps something of a rebel). Truth was, Marissa knew what she wanted—she could dream it; she could see it—and now she’s done it. After 10 years photographing over 4,000 happy clients and building her company Boudoir Divas into an award-winning photography studio, Marissa—now Marissa Bouchér— is taking her Boudoir baby in a new and exciting direction.

Boudoir Divas is a high-volume boudoir photography studio founded in 2006. Co-owned by Kimberlee West, Boudoir Divas has spent ten years helping women of all shapes, sizes and nationalities feel empowered in front of the camera through sexy, boudoir and lingerie-inspired photographs. Overflowing with positive energy, the Boudoir Divas have loyal clients––50% are repeat customers. Women trust Bouchér’s vision and her all-female team of photographers.

Boudoir Divas Leucadia

2017 brings some exciting changes to the established company. The name remains the same, the team intact, but moving forward, The Boudoir Divas will be decidedly different. It will no longer be the high volume, all-day, six days a week, set-specific photography studio it was in their previous Sorrento Valley location. Instead, count on a slower-paced, more stylized and personalized studio experience with shoots happening just two or three days per week. Instead of static sets, the backdrop is more fluid, like life in an artist’s loft... and then there’s the beach.

Boudoir Divas Leucadia

The new Boudoir Divas studio, now located in Leucadia, will be less boudoir and more stylistic, inspired by the nearby beach. “The photographs will definitely be alluring” Bouchér promises, “and you’ll still get pictures that takes your breath away.” In addition to offering the traditional lingerie boudoir shots, a slower-paced shoot provides opportunities to capture moments, natural expressions, movement with less posing and the embracing of imperfections. In addition, each client now takes home an Italian leather art book—a chronicle of a day in the life of a supermodel.