Leucadia's Dream Divas: Marissa Bouchér Transforms Boudoir Divas

Searching for Balance and the Beach

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Boudoir Divas Leucadia

The new studio offers two types of photoshoot packages: the Boudoir Loft Collection includes hair and makeup, two hours of studio time, three different outfits, in-house viewing of the proofs plus the designer photo album. The new By the Sea Collection package offers the additional styling, planning and shooting time, plus the coveted 45 minutes on the beach.

Boudoir Divas Leucadia

This shift in brand and business model for the Boudoir Divas will help Bouchér achieve her ultimate goal: balance. She wants to embrace the Leucadia Lifestyle with its funky, friendly, artsy vibe and healthy emphasis on the organic. Bouchér is also bringing her dreams and vision to a full-scale production company. Her latest project is a music vid- eo for fast-rising newcomer Angie Keilhauer to showcase the country singer’s “Born to Drive” single.

Boudoir Divas Leucadia

The new studio is currently scheduled to open on August 1st, though the company is producing discounted soft open photoshoots for the month of July while the studio is still under construction. More information—about the new stu- dio, Marissa Bouchér and photoshoot packages—is available on the company’s website at: Marissa Bouchér's Boudoir Divas.

Was it risky for Bouchér to change her successful business model and mess with a sure thing? Absolutely. But tak- ing risks is what it’s all about—especially when you’re living the dream. 

Boudoir Divas Leucadia

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