Liberal Arts College or Research University: What is The Difference?

Selecting a university or college is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Well, each school is different, but research universities and liberal arts colleges have so many things in common.

Selecting your best choice of school is still a personal decision. However, knowing the type of institution will inform you more about the school.

Research University of Liberal Arts College

Research universities and liberal arts colleges are entirely different. Liberal Arts College has different programs that focus on sciences, humanities, and arts. On the other hand, research universities house various colleges on the main campus. Further, the institutions offer a wide variety of academic or professional groups.

1.     Competent Programs

A research university offers a wide selection of different selection programs. So, if you’re not settled on your career goals or academic majors, research universities will provide more alternatives, should you choose to change the program. Further, prominent research universities have more graduate program options.

A majority of liberal arts colleges like arts college medical arts college Raleigh NC focus on unique areas of undergraduate studies. Currently, these colleges are offering a multidisciplinary program. Most of these programs provide an opportunity to get a comprehensive ideology on your primary areas of interest.

2.     Quality Teaching

Well, professors at research universities devote a great deal of their time and attention to research. So, if you attend classes here, you’re likely to be taught by graduate assistants. The practice is highly prevalent with the introductory level courses.

Well, this is not the same case with liberal arts colleges. Unlike research universities, the professors dedicate their time and attention to teaching. As such, you’re able to enjoy contact with the teaching staff.

3.     Tailored Programs to Meet Students Interests

Arts colleges have smaller class sizes, while research universities have large research institutions. So, if you thrive in a smaller and more intimate setting, the art college should provide you with the experience you need.

With the smaller class sizes, students can explore a variety of their interests inside and outside the classroom. There are no cookie-cutter dimensions to the process. The minors and majors can cover the leading edge materials of their subjects, making the students chart their own paths. Use this opportunity to become the best student you ever wanted.

4.     Questioning and Conventional Wisdom

Graduates from Arts College can question commonly held beliefs. Well, this happens even in the rigid field of medicine. It helps people to understand how people in different areas ask queries and solve problems.


Selecting the best course in school is an important decision. When making the decision, you should focus on specific areas where you lay a lot of emphases; these will include class size, program options, and research exposure. Take your time to evaluate these options and make your final determination. The general difference between research universities and liberal arts colleges can guide you. However, you should assess every program to see whether it fits your personal and professional goals.