Lift Your Spirits with Aerial Yoga in San Diego

Hang out (or upside down) with Aerial Yoga

Trilogy Sanctuary

With the new year comes new goals for your body, mind and soul. Breathe in and breathe out because traditional yoga is no longer the only way to alleviate stress, challenge yourself and get your body in tip–top shape. Aerial yoga is new type of yoga that combines traditional yoga and pilates with the use of a hammock.

Aerial yoga, also known as anti–gravity yoga, uses a soft, fabric hammock (similar to those used by trapeze artists) that is suspended from the ceiling. This method helps achieve traditional yoga poses with your body supported by the hammock. The hammock is measured to accommodate your height and acts like a swing and supports the hips for forward and back bends. Aerial yoga helps to achieve yoga postures that may be harder to do in traditional yoga. Find your inner aerialist at any time you please because this form of yoga is beginner–friendly.

Recently, the American Council of Exercise sponsored the study, "Can aerial yoga take your workouts to another level?" Based in San Diego, ACE is a nonprofit fitness certification, education and training provider. Their purpose is to enrich the quality of life through effective and beneficial exercise. 

The study was administered by Lance C. Dalleck, Ph.D., assistant professor of exercise and sport science at Western State Colorado University with Daniel J. Green, editorial consultant and freelance writer based in Asheville, North Carolina.

Dr. Dalleck began this study with two purposes in mind: to quantify participants' acute cardiovascular and metabolic responses to aerial yoga and to determine the effectiveness of a six–week aerial yoga intervention at positively modifying cardiometabolic risk factors. The study focused on 16 healthy women between the ages of 18 and 45 years old. The women were involved in a six–week intervention with three 50–minute sessions per week, 18 sessions total. To ensure continuity, the same qualified instructor led each session.

Aerial yoga allows the body to expand its flexibility, increase range of motion, build strength, lengthen the spine and relax the nervous system. It can be challenging but beneficial to emotional, psychological and spiritual health. 

The study showed that aerial yoga can be classified as moderate intensity exercise. The participants noted that the intensity level of aerial yoga falls between restorative yoga (low intensity level) to hot yoga classes (high intensity level). According to the study, each 50 minute class came out to a mean energy expenditure of 320 kilocalories versus a Zumba Gold class that burns approximately 200 kcal.

Through the six weeks, the women in the study experienced a reduction in blood pressure, which surprised Dr. Dalleck because they all had normal blood pressure beforehand. The study did not include a cardiorespiratory training element, making the fact that their blood pressure went down impressive to Dr. Dalleck. The findings in this study support aerial yoga as an alternative to traditional exercise. The study also found aerial yoga to be a great stress reliever amongst the participants.

Although aerial yoga is generally safe, there are some precautions. This type of yoga is not recommended for people with high blood pressure, cataracts or any medical complications that could cause discomfort while hanging upside down. Some studios say aerial yoga is good for pregnancy, but others do not recommend it, so it's best to ask your doctor before signing up for a class. It is also recommended to not eat at least two hours before your session.

Some find it challenging to find a studio with this unique form of yoga. Luckily, San Diego has some great local studios that offer aerial yoga.


Aerial Revolution is the home of acrobats and aerialists, but also offers aerial yoga. The studio is located at 5370 Napa St., San Diego, CA 92110. For more information call (619) 220-4909 or visit Aerial Revolution.

Elka Yoga & Wellness hosts outdoor aerial yoga classes located at 4166 Volatire St., San Diego, CA 92107. For more information call (619) 723-3166 or visit Elka Yoga and Wellness.

Trilogy Sanctuary is the only yoga studio in California with aerial yoga on a rooftop with a bonus: a beautiful ocean view. The studio is located at 7650 Girard Ave, Ste 400, La Jolla, CA 92037. For more information call (858) 633-3893 or visit Trilogy Sanctuary.