Living In California: Be Strategic

Plenty Of Options

You don't have to live on Hollywood Boulevard to get the California “experience.” It's a huge state; one of the biggest in America. It has many different areas worth considering, and all variety of cities.


To understand California, you've got to treat your present conception of the place much like an etch-a-sketch. If you turn it upside down, what was drawn there disappears. Forget what you've learned about California similarly, and consider the place in total. It has multiple climates; virtually every kind.

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The southern coasts are lush with jungle and temperate year-round. The northern coasts get downright frigid, and there are regions of permanent ice in the mountains. Big cities start with San Francisco and are punctuated with San Diego in the far south. A desert stretches up the middle of the state with Fresno and Sacramento holding down their own flavor of life.


East of the mountains are plenty of towns well-acquainted with snow and living off the land. The inland empire of California is a densely-populated region stretching for hundreds of miles into the desert, and then there are the isolated desert communities themselves.


Diverse Living Options

Among this broad swathe of living possibilities, you can find many solutions for you and your family. For good reason, the bay area and Southern California (SoCal) are primary locations for many looking to make California their home. If you're going to live in or around L.A., you want to search carefully and find something away from the center of things.

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There is a snarl of traffic in L.A., owing to 15,000,000+ people in the city itself and its surrounding metropolitan area. However, if you go north and west a bit, you'll find the San Fernando Valley. There's traffic, but it's not all that bad; and all that Hollywood has to offer is just “over the hill”. Plus, housing is less expensive. You can get more for less. Many savvy residents live In Northridge.


Finding reliable Northridge apts can be a good tactic, accordingly. Contrast them with these Bellevue apartments for rent. Climate and pricing will differ, but it's easy to see that there are some considerable qualities to the Northridge units. They're strategically located, and less expensive than many similarly-appointed units.

The Far North of California

Of course, living to the far north of the state is a totally different ball-game. Ever hear of Humboldt County? The biggest city there is Eureka, California. It's a strange little spot nestled among redwoods on the northern coast of California. To north and south, towering redwoods predominate. A dozen small towns stretch up the coasts. They're more remote than the city, but many travelers come up to visit as the hustle and bustle weigh on them, and they need a release.


You can find rental options here, and there are many who opt to live in compounds throughout the redwoods. Also, those who have a nomadic streak find the facility in Northern California, buying RVs and finding ideal spots in the deep woods. But there's this to consider: it gets colder up north. You're not generally going to see snow in winter, but it's not unexpected.


Eureka is much like Seattle in terms of climate, and the Pacific Northwest, in general, has that colder, humid quality. You're not going to get the sun you will in the south; the ecology of everything differs vastly. Still, in the south, you can't hike among massive trees towering three hundred feet into the sky.


In short, you'll want to check all these places out if you've never been to California before, and spend some time learning their “feel.” What you thought you would like may not suit you, and what you thought was outside your preference may prove desirable. But there are options for everyone in California; so forget what you think you know and check it out for yourself!