Looking for a Seasonal Home in the UK? Here’s What You Need to Know

Looking for a Seasonal Home in the UK? Here’s What You Need to Know

Living in Southern California is the next best thing to paradise, and in fact, to residents of San Diego County, life here really is paradise. The weather is warm all year long and the county is anything but poor. As a matter of fact, the county itself has won awards and with a median salary much, much higher than the national average, life here is good.

However, the one thing missing in San Diego is the change of seasons many newer residents miss. If you are looking for a seasonal home somewhere where there’s snow and a dramatic change in scenery, why not look at seasonal homes in the UK? Not only will you enjoy that change you so desire but you will get to see and live in a place where you can speak a common language, yet observe customs vastly different from our own.

Tips for Finding the Right Property

Much like the way in which we buy properties in the United States, the UK ensures clear title and deed for all sales of real property as a prerequisite for transferring title. However, you will need the services of conveyancing solicitors if you don’t want to spend countless hours researching laws and regulations which are similar but not the same. Whereas we have title companies here to do that research for us to ensure clear title, the UK typically relies on the services and expertise of what they refer to as conveyancing solicitors. It is much like our attorneys who handle real estate transactions here in the US.

Tax Laws and Duty Stamps

Something else which may seem strange to you would be the tax laws and stamp duty required when buying and selling property in the UK. Yes, it’s a lovely place to spend a few months in the winter to enjoy snow and some of the world’s finest scenery, but paying taxes in the right way and at the right times may seem a bit odd. Here, again, a conveyancing solicitor can be of invaluable assistance. They can be your liaison while you are at home in San Diego and can keep you abreast of any changes in taxation laws you should be aware of. Like here at home, ignorance of the law is no excuse and it is, in the end, your responsibility to keep current on all taxes.

While you might only want to reside in the UK for a matter of weeks or months out of every year, you may also wish to let out your property during those seasons you will not be residing there. This is one way to make your investment pay for itself while giving you a wonderful change of scenery each and every year. Imagine a holiday home in the scenic UK at times when you’ve simply had enough of the hot and humid Southern California heat. Find the right UK home and the right conveyancing solicitors to advise you, and you can enjoy heaven on earth as the seasonal mood strikes you. Now that is heaven on earth!