Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring - The Ultimate DIY Flooring Option

When it comes to the design and overall look of your home, flooring is one of the main components that define a room. It provides the foreground for feel and character that you want to achieve. Choosing what kind of flooring to add to your home may be a bit of a pain. There are so many options and features full of jargon and dimensions. It seems as if, to properly choose and add the right flooring, you need to have years of experience and tons of technical knowledge. It doesn’t help that popular warehouses are outlets that push certain brands over others. And when you go there, your choices are either extremely cheap-looking plastic or Italian hardwood that costs an arm and a leg. Fortunately for all of us, there’s an option that checks all the boxes we want: Loose Lay Vinyl. Vinyl flooring has a ton of features that homeowners love with less hassle than other, more expensive options. This makes them the perfect choice for people who decide to take their flooring in their own hands. Here are a few reasons why you, as a wise and conscientious consumer, should choose loose lay vinyl flooring to add some class and beauty to your home.


Easy Installation

The number one reason why people choose vinyl flooring is that it’s easy to install. When laying down the panels, one doesn’t need glue, fasteners, bolts, nuts, or heavy equipment. They all fit together like pieces of the puzzle. Just take the panels, figure out which end goes where, and place them against the other panels. That is all it takes. With an installation that’s easy, you can even speed up the time it takes to set it up by inviting a few people over and having them help you out. You can even make a party out of it. The simplicity of vinyl flooring installation takes away the stress of having to find a costly professional with all sorts of trade tools that keep DIY enthusiasts out of the loop. But one thing you do have to keep in mind when installing it is that it is possible to lay them down wrong. Poor installation can lead to them separating or springing up gaps where you don’t want them. So before doing anything, have you and your installation buddies check out a few videos online to really make sure the technique is down. 

Absorbs Sound 

If you’ve got children that are practicing instruments or neighbors that swear that they’re experts at one, vinyl flooring is for you. It has this added ability to absorb sound from below. So even if your kid if banging away at the drums, the sharp notes and cymbal crashes are significantly blunted by just the mere presence of the vinyl flooring. This is an absolute godsend to people who have to work all day and want a few minutes of peace and quiet before the family dinner rush. If you have an office on a higher floor of the house, this truly is the only option that makes sense. You can’t be speaking to clients and colleagues while the dog is making a clear audible ruckus downstairs. You need something that will blunt the frequency before it even gets to the receiver. 




They are among the most durable options on the market today. If you treat the floor right and take into consideration its regular upkeep, vinyl will not give you any problems. Very rarely will you need to replace them. And even if you do, since installation is still easy, it won’t be much of a hassle anyway. Just make sure to prevent any sort of cutting off the floor. They are softer than other materials, so be sure to do all you can to prevent damage. 


Doesn’t Warp Or Expand 

If you’ve ever been in an old home, you’re very familiar with the creaks and imperfections of the hardwood floorboard. A lot of that has to do with the elements and the temperature affecting the wood itself. Products made of hardwood expand and contract depending on the amount of moisture in the air and the varying temperatures throughout the season. Like anything, the expansion and contraction may warp the floor ever so slightly. Not enough to be a total aesthetic nightmare, but enough to feel the imperfections on your feet. This is not an issue with the vinyl floor. They’re crafted to withstand the size variability as dictated by the environment. With this type of flooring, you can be sure that year after year, the evenness of the ground you step on will be kept pristine and flat. Even better, because of this resistance, it makes it even better for areas that may accumulate moisture. They’re safe for bathrooms and kitchen alike and won’t become an issue anytime soon like more demanding materials. 



Highly Customizable 

For the Do It Yourself junkie, customization is a big deal. Lucky for you, loose lay vinyl comes in all sorts of designs and patterns. There are hundreds of hues and options to choose from, so you never have to settle on a style that you don’t like. There is always something, even for the most particular of homeowners. You don’t have to rush into anything, nor do you have to make a decision the moment you see a shortlist of options. Take your time. Weigh everything out. Take pictures of the room you want to add to and come to a well thought out conclusion in your own time. 


When it comes to flooring, there really is a no better option for DIY masters such as yourself. They provide the durability and comfort that no other material can. On top of that, they last way longer than you would expect. There are a few things to consider, though. If you’re going to install it in a high traffic area, make sure that they’re really installed correctly. The only real downside is that it can form seams if not put in the right way. Aside from that, this is the best option.