Love Tatum Jewelry Offering Real and Rare Gemstones

Started in San Diego, this jewelry brand uses unique and rare gemstones.

Tatum Lenahan, owner of Love Tatum Jewelry

Love Tatum is a remarkable jewelry line in San Diego with real gemstones from around the world. The face behind the name is the amazing Tatum Lenahan whose jewelry is an extension of her vivacious personality. We dig into why her line is quickly becoming one of the best gemstone jewelry collection in the country.

Early life 

Originally from Point Pleasant, New Jersey,  Lenahan used to travel the world when she was young.  Loving to create, she looked for things that inspired her and she began collecting things like coral and sea glass.  By the time she was 10 years old she had started a business called Sweet Love Tatum2.  At this young age she began selling bracelets on EBay for $1.50. In high school she was the manager of Stella e Luna and started selling jewelry in this specialty Boutique. Next she set up buying appointments and was able to start selling in several stores on the Jersey Shores. 

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Lenahan decided to go to Culinary School at Johnson & Wales University where she received a Bachelors Degree in Food Service Management. In pursuing her passion for jewelry, Lenahan decided to open a jewelry cart called Love Tatum at the UTC Mall and business began to blossom.  Love Tatum was featured in New Yorks Henry Bendel’s windows on three different occasions.  The jewelry was displayed for 7 consecutive days.  In addition Love Tatum was also featured at Fred Segal in Vegas and Bloomingdales in Fashion Valley. Following this she arranged a trunk show at Bloomingdales in Santa Monica.  It was here that she met and worked with the well known Rebecca Minkoff who at the time was at Bloomingdales signing her handbags. Following her successful trip in Santa Monica, Lenahan landed another trunk show on Black Friday at the Flagship in NY Bloomingdales at 59th & Lexington.


Some of the exciting media exposure which Lenahan has received have included Mario Lopez featuring her line on Extra TV, and recently having Love Tatum was featured in a 2-page spread in the Martha Stewart Magazine.   For three years in a row, Love Tatum has participated in the silent auction at the Grammy’s, which benefits the Musicare Foundation/Grammy Foundation.   The first year that she was involved the Board recognized Paul McCartney as the person of the year. Lenahan created a necklace called, “All You Need is Love” at a private music event for McCartney.

Tatum Lenahan Interview

The second year she participated,  the person of the year was Bruce Springsteen, and following the next year was Carol King.

With all this success, what is next for Lenahan? Love Tatum is partnering with Pigment, which is a store in North Park that specializes in local, homegrown, and organic products. Together they plan to host a trunk show that will feature an exclusive collection consisting of statement pieces made from sterling silver turquoise. As a great way to support local businesses be sure to stay tuned for this special unique event coming early in December.


Love Tatum offers two different lines for her customers. The Love Tatum Signature line is one-of-A-Kind made with 24K gold. Some of the rare stones are astrophyllite, azurite, vanadinite, and a customer favorite is the uvarovite collection. This is called the ‘Stone of Love’ and is a natural emerald-like crystal that grows on top of a black garnet stone. The second line is called Love Tatum which is Gold Plated and more affordable. Each piece is hand-made and promotes positive energy to the wearer. Love Tatum Jewelry Bangle

Love Tatum creates must-have jewelry with uplifting semi-precious stones from around the world.  For an up close look at this unique jewelry visit local stores such as Pigment, Simply Local in North Park & The Headquarters, and Grounded in Encinitas.  

For a complete list of store locations visit: www.