Luxurious Facials at The Spa at Torrey Pines

Great Facials at Torrey Pines Spa.

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If you want to enjoy a facial that makes you look young and beautiful while enjoying the spa amenities, then the Torrey Pines Spa is the place for you. Imagine laying on the treatment table, cozy and warm under the soft sheets and blankets, while the aesthetician treats your skin to a plethora of luxurious skin care products that give you the glow you've been waiting for. I received an Illuminating A.G.E Facial at the The Spa at Torrey Pines, which is advertised as being a time–reversal facial that corrects visible signs of aging.

I believe that this facial is consistent with what they promised! They use the Skinceuticals skin care line, which is a high–end skincare line that targets serious skin problems. After cleansing, the aesthetician puts on two different masks: one for exfoliation and the other with vitamin C and vitamin B5. They end with the A.G.E cream for the face and eyes that prevents erosion of collagen and diminishes thinning and wrinkling of the skin.

My facial consisted of a consultation from the aesthetician Danuza. She was very friendly and asked me how my visit was, then she explained to me the difference between the heavy exfoliation chemical peel and the more mild enzyme mask that is used for those that do not need heavy exfoliation. I chose the chemical peel. She warned me about the possible after–effects and how it would feel while on so that I wasn't surprised by the experience. This was the extent of the consultation—she did not ask me if I had any concerns in regards to problem areas of my skin or what the process was for this facial, which I would have liked. After our consultation, she had me lay down and began the facial. When it came to the extraction portion of the facial she was very thorough and gentle. She let me know problems that she saw with my skin and we talked about how to correct them.

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At this point, she perfectly catered to my skin needs by using the Skinceutical products that would help with my dry skin. When it came time to put the chemical peel on, she was very careful in making sure it as comfortable as possible considering that it felt like tiny little ants were crawling on my face. During this process she let me know exactly what she was going to do and how long I would have to endure the mask, which was thoughtful.

In the end my face looked and felt truly illuminated!

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