Luxury Living: The 3 Must Have Home Gadgets for 2020

Aren’t you lucky living in such an exciting time as 2020? There’s no end to innovations coming onto the market, almost on a daily basis. The only challenge is that it’s hard to keep up with all the gadgets you didn’t know you needed.


And no one can say that innovations are frivolous or unnecessary. So many of them make life easier, offering consumers more time to spend on hobbies or with the people they love.


What’s more is that many modern gadgets are energy friendly. This is good news for the environment, as well as homeowners who want to manage electricity rates and carbon footprints. 


Nowhere else is this beneficial approach to using technology more evident than at the yearly CES convention. Held in Las Vegas, the 2020 convention featured brands from across the globe that once again impressed with their tech wares. 


Which one of these will you order for your home first? 


Luxury Living: The 3 Must Have Home Gadgets for 2020

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash


To Serve Drinks at the Perfect Temperature EVERY Time

You can never have enough kitchen utensils and appliances, right? At CES one of the crowd favorite items ended up being the Juno.


This device can chill wine, water or soft drink in minutes. It seems like a simple solution, but brands have been unable to get it right until now without the devices making a lot of noise. Now you can enjoy tranquility while cooling down your favorite wine or soft drink in record time. 


As stated, technology is supposed to make life simpler, not more complicated. Appliances like these keep us excited about what the future holds for technology. 

Of course, You DO Need a Robot

It’s 2020 and a few decades ago people thought robots would rule the world by now. That may not have turned out the way we thought it would, but it may be time to try one out for yourself. 


Robots are designed usually with one of these focus areas in mind:

  • Providing companionship, for children or adults. (They’re impressively easy to connect and engage with.)

  • Serving as an educational tool.

  • Helping people perform tasks more easily, or automating repetitive activities for you.


We’re sure you’re thinking of a place in your home life where one of these can assist you or a family member.

Luxury Living: The 3 Must Have Home Gadgets for 2020

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

Food Preparation Done Right

Here’s another purpose of advancing technology: taking the guesswork out of the situation. You’ve probably often wondered if your food is ready on the grill, or whether it needs a few more minutes on high heat. 


At CES, consumers saw how apps can help ordinary cooks become culinary master chefs. You guessed it: you connect the grill to your SmartPhone and an app will give real time feedback on cooking temperatures, the condition of your dish and when to take the meat off.


Best of all is that the gadget can be used with any grill. Designed by Weber, it signals a new era of cooking. 


Last Words

What area of your living room or kitchen do you wish you had a quick solution for? Chances are, engineers are working on a gadget just for you. Share this article to help others find their solutions and perhaps someone will let you know of your ideal 21st century solution.