Luxury Real Estate with Michael Citrin

Catering to the luxury real estate market has been the focus of Michael Citrin's career, which spans 30 years with over 1,050 homes sold to date.

Towns of specialty include the San Diego coastline from Del Mar to Carlsbad, Citrin having lived in and enjoyed each of these communities personally. Also a matter of great expertise for Citrin is his knowledge of the Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe (he is a former resident with an intimate knowledge of the RSF Trail System), plus all surrounding RSF communities and select neighborhoods of Escondido.

Blending lifestyle with views and client personality allows Citrin to target the market and seek out buyers for high end properties. Networking in both social and professional circles and keen listening skills are Michael's best traits. Every home has special characteristics and presents those elements in a fashion designed to speak to the listener that comes with Michael Citrin's marketing.

Citrin is also fluent in Spanish and is capable of presenting fine property to clients from both sides of the border. In an economy with a global flow of wealth, Southern California is at the heart of it all for those looking for excellence in a living experience.

After all, he is the "Estate Man 4 U," but doesn't wear a cape! Contact him at or just pick up the phone and text or call (858) 688-6277. You'll be glad you did!