Luxury Watches Bring Classiness to Your Style

Elegant Watches for Him and Her


Back in the day, having a watch on our wrist was merely a practical tool we used to check what time we have left at work before going home, how late are our friends, or how long we’ve been stuck in traffic. Now we have become “iCreatures” where our phones are in our hands all the time and becoming “fit-aware” generations desiring our watches to track more than just time, but to track our personal workout record or our steps. Has the wristwatch completely switched its practicality to be just a sport or fashion accessories must-have? Probably!

With that in mind, watch designers knew that both men and women wearing a suit and dress shoes wouldn’t match their outfit with a Fitbit or a Hello Kitty watch. They want stylish, exclusive, and luxury to go with their style. Nowadays we’re used to seeing pretty much anything being used in designing a watch – diamonds, crystals, 24k gold, ceramics, titanium, or alligator leather just to name a few. Investing in a good quality and elegant watch is essential for anyone’s style because it can lift up any dressy outfit, sometimes in a more sophisticated way than jewelry or fragrance. Here are a few beautiful watches we would like to show you:

Tag Heuer Men’s Cat 2011

With a stainless steel case and bracelet, this analog Swiss made watch is awe-inspiring to awe with its classic and elegant look. This watch is representing a successful business man who knows how to dress to impress. Sapphire crystal is used to protect the watch from scratches by providing an anti-reflective appearance.

Tank Française, Cartier for Women


Top seller and a favorite from the Cartier family, this watch for the ladies comes with a beautiful chain-link bracelet, angled shoulders, and sends a powerful statement. Lacquered silvered dial has eleven brilliant-cut diamonds while the hands match it all perfectly with blue steel. Tank Française watchMedium model, steel

    Rolex Day-Date for Men

Owning a Rolex, with all the royalty effects that comes along with it, to this day still can’t be in a fair competition with other watches. Rolex wins every time and wearing one will definitely bring “all eyes on you”, which is not always going to be a reaction you’re aiming for. Rolex Day-Date model is also known as “President Rolex” and it’s the first watch ever to spell the entire day of the week on the dial. This yellow gold watch with a cognac leather strap communicates and shares your states with everyone around you, so make sure to hide it just enough and show it just as much in a special occasion. 118138

Movado Museum Classic for Women

Rose Gold, the most favorite color of the last few seasons took over the jewelry world, phones, and naturally –wristwatches too. The rose gold color blends beautifully with black in this Movado watch from Museum Classic series and its design shows the feminine and elegant line to match your exquisite style. With a leather or metal bracelet, the Movado watch doesn’t lack the glam and elegance while it can be found under $1000.

Breitling Superocean Heritage II 46

  • Breitling is a status symbol type of watch, and this black beauty will go well with so many dress style outfits. Superocean Heritage has a statement volcano black dial with a steel case and a black rubber aero classic strap. It gives classiness to any style and a touch of luxury to any self-awared man. Superocean Héritage II